Nine! Can you believe it? I can’t. For me, it doesn’t feel like a birthday for her. Maybe I’m in shock. Maybe I’ve just grown so accustomed to her growing older. I’m not sure. I mean, look at the picture of her! She’s huge! I can fit into this outfit she’s wearing. I’m not kidding. I mean, it wouldn’t fit well, but I could completely wear it. Only a few sizes away from me in shoes too.

Marlowe is, without a doubt, the best kid I could have asked for. She is a total dream. Not a mean bone in her body. She oozes kindness and empathy. Creative energy flows out endlessly. She is smart, gifted really. She is thoughtful. And more mindful about the surrounding world than most adults. She is amazing.

I know I know, I can take some credit. Every day I push her into a bigger awareness a bigger view of understanding. And I try to encourage her with my own love for learning… every single day. But even still, she is who she is. She’s becoming her own human, outside our relationship. She doesn’t need me. She’s got this. And I love her even more for it.

We need more people like Marlowe in the world.

And I’m just so very lucky to be able to spend my time with her. I don’t need to long for the years past. I’m excited about every present-day with her. And oh-so-very-excited for the future and the opportunity to watch her grow.

Happy birthday Marlowe Paloma. I hope your year ahead is everything you could dream it to be. And if not, shake it up. You’ve got the power. Love you kiddo.

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  1. Katerina

    Happy Birthday Marlowe! We wish you the best