Black beans with peppers and aromatics, roasted broccoli, rice, blue tortillas. A meal we made in Guatemala. We cooked basically every night while away— like we would do if we were home. Saves us money and ensures that we’re eating foods we want to put into our bodies.

Nacho night. One of our favorites for an easy *junk food* night. I’ve been doing this lately with potatoes so that I don’t have the oils from the chips. Works well. Not the same, but still good. Marlowe and Alex love the chips.

Dosa leftover night- no dosas. We had sambar leftover for what felt like weeks. Some of the curried potatoes and chutney leftover too. We’re making this dish (with dosas) this week too. To celebrate her birthday. This is without a doubt her favorite meal. Please note the tiny pile of butternut squash on the side, she picks it all out– I think it’s my favorite part of the sambar though! We don’t always have butternut squash in it– but there’s always a good variety of veg in there!

Mango breakfast. We miss mango season.

I totally forgot I made this until I opened up my saved food folder. All raw vegan, gluten-free, low fat. Chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce, and banana ice cream. I should make this again. We were very pleased with how this turned out. It’s one of the few times when junk food is actually health food– maybe minus the cocoa 😉

Korean dinner night in Guatemala. I may have shared this already, I’m not sure. But we were invited to have a real Korean dinner one of the nights we were in Guatemala. White rice (always), A noodle dish, and loads of veggies. The guys were a bit perplexed by the vegan gluten-free part but pulled off an amazing dinner. And by guys, I mostly mean Buddha cooked.

Potato cauliflower curry night. This is one of my favorite curries. Over white rice. We opt for brown rice at home, but that’s not always the easy/cheapest option while away.

Lunch prepared by Marlowe. She hasn’t ventured into cooking for herself but enjoys making her own prepared raw foods.  A carrot and cabbage slaw with an avocado dressing.
Carrot + avocado wraps in sushi paper again ala Marlowe 🙂

Brown rice pasta, red sauce, greens, + veg.

Paella-y rice.

It’s burry sorry. So many of my What Marlowe Eats photos are– I’m just always in a rush with dim lighting trying to snap a photo for my hungry kid 😉
Sushi by Alex is much nicer than sushi by Drea. filled with rice, avocado, carrot, purple cabbage, and romaine. Please notice how Marlowe is standing right next to me because she REALLY wants to eat. Haha.


I mentioned this before, we do aim to cut out grains when we can— but some weeks are just more filled with rice that I would like. And that just is the way it is. I’m not going to beat myself up about it– I’m just going to try harder 😉 Hope you guys had a good weekend! Cheers!


  1. Amazing! Will you be posting/have you posted the raw chocolate cookie/sauce treat? So intrigued…

  2. Hi Drea,

    I always enjoy the food posts. I was just wondering if meals have changed at all with Marlowe going to school? Any ideas for healthy portable lunch options?

    • So Marlowe’s school actually has lunch included in the tuition price– so kids arent required to bring lunch. That being said, we do pack her a lunch about half the week, depending on if she can make something filling enough with the options they offer. The biggest change is that Marlowe probably ate more at home– and she ate more raw food at home. With school, she’s eating more cooked items. Alex typically prepares her breakfast in the morning, but I can def put together a post dedicated to just our school lunches 🙂