Hello friends! How are you? It’s been a slow-ish few days for me. To be completely honest, I’ve been sitting and embroidering non-stop lately. I think the last time I sat and embroidered was about 25+ years ago, but I decided to give it a go this week and have been basically on the couch ever since. I feel productive and very, very unproductive at the same time. I just get so sucked into things sometimes.

But anyway, speaking of embroidery… (uh, sort of I guess. okay not really), I’ve been helping out the Guatemala Maya Center with a few things here and there. If you’re not local… or if you are local and haven’t heard of them, they’re a really great organization in town (well, technically in Lake Worth, FL) that helps out the migrant community with a whole slew of things.  Anything from legal support, to clothing and food donations, to free and low-cost childcare and schooling. Small things in life, big things, but all really important things. So many great things. They’re a great organization.

The thing is, like most small, charitable non-profits, they always need more help and support. There’s never enough help or money, you know? Well, with Christmas being around the corner, they could use some extra support. I’d love if you guys could maybe help out too 🙂

Guatemala Maya Center Holiday Toy Drive

I’ve set up a few donation boxes around town. One at Marlowe’s school, and two for you guys to use if you’re local.  You can find the two boxes for toy drop off at both Celis locations, the one in West Palm (2814 S Dixie Hwy D,
West Palm Beach, FL 33405) and the one in Palm Beach (340 Royal Poinciana Way C4, Palm Beach, FL 33480)!  Truly, anything helps. No gift is too small. Many of the families supported by the Guatemala Center have gone through hell and back trying to make safe homes for their families and children. They work really hard to create meaningful lives for their children and they deserve all the love and support we can offer.

We all share the same basic needs and desires in this world. We’re all worthy of health, happiness, a feeling of safety, and kindness. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, I’d love if we could come together to share a bit of extra love this season. If you can, please consider picking up an extra gift to share to spark an extra bit of hope and joy with a child in need 🙂

And if you’re not local and would like to still help, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated! You can send monetary donations (2$, 5$, whatever! No donation is too small) to my paypal or venmo: ohdeardrea@gmail.com. Please be sure to add a “donation” note to either one though so it’s easy for me to sort 🙂 That would be extra helpful 🙂 Thanks so much, guys!

I hope you guys are well in the world! Thank you in advance 🙂 Cheers!

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