Happy Monday friends! Welcome to March! Crazy to be entering the third month of the year already. Time is flying. I hope this has been a good and powerful year for you thus far! It’s been good for me. Hectic at parts. But grounding and building in other parts. All in all, it’s been really good. No complaints. Only growth and forgiveness in the areas where I’m still growing 😉

We headed down to Miami on Saturday. Another weekend away from home! The weekends have been busy lately! Marlowe had a super tiny part in a friend’s short film he’s creating. She wasn’t looking for an acting gig, but sort of just stumbled upon it. And she ended up really, really enjoying it. Which is simply awesome! I’m happy she did.

We had actually entertained the whole child modeling thing last year, but never went through with it. We had both felt uncomfortable with the reality that most of the gigs would probably be super mainstream, giant corporations that she wouldn’t be into. On one hand, it would be a great way for her to contribute to her schooling, on the other hand: morals. Ya know? It’s tough! Either way, I’m super happy she enjoyed filming this weekend. And we’re all looking forward to seeing her tiny role come to life.

I saw this sticker on a trash bin outside the location she was filming at. I loved it. The whole idea of “throwing trash away” is not something we think about much. Most just throw whatever into the trash without a second thought. We are superrrr mindful of the trash we create. And while we’re significantly better than the common American household, we still do have more trash than we’d like. Even with composting in our apartment and low-key minimalism. Work in progress, right?

So I just wanted to come here and share the sticker/ the “away” idea with you guys. So that maybe when you go to throw something “away” you give it a second thought too. Where is away? Because surely our trash doesn’t disappear it goes somewhere.

Honestly, the best way to avoid trash is to avoid buying. It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that. Even with me working my butt off to be mindful of each and every purchase, I still made a purchase I wanted and didn’t need this weekend. A new dress. My mom kept questioning me about a birthday gift and while I wasn’t looking to buy anything, it caught my eye. Something out of the ordinary for me, but something that could be used in a lot of different situations in my life now… and for a long time. And so, while it’s not secondhand and it’s not something I needed, I picked it.

And one day… a long, long time, for now, that dress might end up in the trash and “away” too. But for now, I’m hoping to love it and use it and care for it to the best of my ability. It maybe sounds dramatic, but I truly believe it’s so important to respect and care for all the things we own in our lifetime. Care for it and make it last. That way if I don’t find a use for an item anymore, someone somewhere can.  And I plan to do that with that piece.

Anyway, “away” is another place on our planet. I’m not perfect and neither are you. But hopefully, the question “when you throw something away, where is away?” will pop into your mind with the next purchase you make <3<3

Happy monday friends! Have an amazing week!

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