Hi friends. This is the longest I’ve been off the internet in 10 years— maybe longer really. I know a lot of you have checked in with me to make sure that I’m okay. And many of you even reached out to my family and friends. And while I’m cherishing my time away from the internet, I wanted to come by here to let you know that I am alive and well in the world. I turned 35 last month and that week I flipped my own life upside down. Almost in the best of ways.

The current state of the world is a bit much these days, isn’t it? Can we all agree that fear is an epidemic? Sensationalism is a disease? And propaganda is certainly a problem? These are things we can all do without. I just felt like (and feel like) there are far too many lies being spread by our current media system. And while this is the best emotional state I’ve ever been in, in my entire life, I have found myself more annoyed than I’d like to be by the media garbage. It just feels so much healthier to stay off the internet and focus on the tangible and energetic things that truly matter: sitting between trees, sunshine, untreated water, clean air, family, fresh fruit, and earth’s energy.

I do have a lot to say and I hold a lot of thoughts on the current climate, but for now, I prefer to avoid the conversation and focus on all the good going on. I also want to share where I am and how I got here. And I’d LOVE to share my future plans with you guys… once I have them 😉 But for now, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m well in the world. And I’m grateful for you guys who have physically, emotionally, or energetically expressed concern for me. I appreciate you guys. Always.

No matter how you are feeling in the world right now… remember: life is what you make of it. Sunshine, clean air, community, physical touch, real food, and living in harmony with nature is so vitally important. Our key to thriving is reconnection with the natural state of our earth. I know everyone’s situation is different, but it’ll all do us a world of good to connect with the planet we were born onto from as well as our inner selves. We hold the power to create or re-create the life we want every day. I hope you’ll take advantage of that… especially now… and always. I know I certainly am <3

Thank you again!



ps. I have EXTREMELY limited wifi and rarely have cell connection these days. It’s been contributing and aiding in my disappearance… and I am not at all mad about it at all 😉 It’s also physically (and emotionally) healing 🙂

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