Have A Heart, Buy A Lung

I don’t know if you guys remember the tiny set of lungs I made for my friend Kristine’s birthday a while ago… but the whole thing got me thinking: The idea of a lung transplant is crazy to me. Kristine recieved a double lung tansplant– not just one new lung, but TWO whole new lungs transplanted for her survival. A transplant is one of the most amazing things one person could receive. I really don’t know how else to describe it– it’s beyond crazy– mind boggling. Truth is, I never really thought about it much before sewing up those little lungs for her. I really really enjoyed making them, but I’ve been wanting to take it a step further, so I stitched up a few more pairs and made some other lung related crafts to sell on Etsy. I am donating 30% of any lung related item sold to The Lung Transplant Foundation. So far, I’ve listed a few items— 4 to be exact (but one was already sold– yay!). I have a few more items to list– some lung related.. and some not. Buy a pair for yourself, a friend, a family member, or send a hint to someone who needs to quit smoking 🙂  Lung transplant or not– these little lungs are cute– and the best part is being able to help out with an amazing cause. Think about it. Spread the word: I’m posting more soon!

I’ve posted a new etsy link to the right over there —>
I’m trying to simplify and clean up my little space right now (the ocd is taking over) to make room for a few very special guests coming to ohdeardrea next week!

Also, we’ve hit 200 followers (yay!)– which means it’s time for another handmade giveaway sometime very soon! Actually, we’ll most likely have a few giveaways this month 🙂

We’ve had a very busy and very hot (too hot) weekend here. Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is going on right outside my door and Marlowe and I are slightly trapped. They’ve been blocking off the streets since friday. My car has not moved– I have a prime parking spot (in front of my house). There is even valet parking 100 feet away– craziness. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces later today! I hope you are all having a lovely, sunny, and less sweaty weekend!

&&&Thanks for your support and lovely words guys! Miss Marlowe Paloma sends a big thank you and a big wet slobbery kiss for all the wonderful birthday comments you left her 🙂 Sooo sweet! Thank you<3


  1. those are awesome Drea!!! i definitely want one, i want to support the cause and you because i think they are just awesome.
    please put the rest of them on. i already added your shop as a fave on etsy.
    the blue is sold. 🙁 and 🙂

  2. Those are adorable!
    I had a friend once who was on dialysis for her failing kidneys and a few of my coworkers and I went through testing to see if we were a match. It's such a huge decision but the rewards are so great.

    Transplants are amazing!

  3. Love what you have to say about transplants and totally agree! My sister recently had to have a blood transfusion it made me feel the same way. Give blood, donate organs, and make and support adorable crafts in between!

  4. Those are so cute!

    About a year and a half ago my uncle gave his kidney to my 15 year old cousin because hers was failing. It's something I think about frequently because it was such a beautiful and loving thing for him to do. I love my cousin will all my heart and am SO glad that she is still living with us!

    Oh, and I too love your new navigation photos!

  5. why, what a wonderful post! It means a lot.
    P.S. I love the new navigation photos!

  6. this is so awesome! transplants are mind-boggling and so amazing, i really am in awe of the fact that a transplant can mean something good has come out of something awful. id urge everyone to sign up as a donor (or better still, the list become opt out!)