This is an old post. MANY things have changed since. Like, a new (second) couch. Or moving furniture around in the main bedroom and living room. Nixing the TV, and rotating the shelf upwards. It’s all been good changes. Here is one of the more current images:

And onto the older home tour….
People like home tours (so do I). Here’s the thing: there is not much more to my home that hasn’t already been seen. My place is tiny TINY… but with people asking to see more &in the spirit of loving home tours, here we go: I bring you a tour of my mini home! I hope you enjoy 🙂
My favorite things: So much light! Lack of clutter (usually). French doors &the deck. &I love having everything two blocks away. I really love my home– (Marlowe’s first home.)
front door. bathroom door (left). bedroom door &closet (right).
Hallway leading to Marlowe’s room (left) &kitchen (right).
10$ ugly find. I snazzed it up. Picture this: me while VERY pregnant, painting while in a bikini and a HUGE belly, &a fumes mask. Fun! Then I made cushions. 
living room &a peek into Marlowe’s room.
(now without a tv)
over the couch is an open “window” to my bedroom.
(mostly bad) records. children’s guide to knowledge. the little prince. hippie. john travolta staying fit!
bathroom. of course I also have: a sink and toilet (not pictured).
making showers fun: mouse ears &gnome soap on a rope.
kitchen. dirty diapers in sink. my least favorite space.
this is typical. I have yet to use the dishwasher.
how to dry diapers when the sun isn’t doing its job. (this is also typical)
spices. cutting boards. pizza boards. handy tools. some wine for cooking– some for drinking. favorite pot.
collection of meaningful things. bread box. party ball.
pep talk after child birth.
leaving the kitchen.
looking through the “window” into my bedroom.
Marlowe’s Aftermath.
rabbit with a not-so-lucky-foot. bird house. old ac hardware. deer.
hallway from bedroom to living room (left) &closet (right).

my large catch-all closet. clothes. two strollers, shoes, linens, fabrics, luggage, boxes, you name it– its in here. It’s really my only storage space in my whole home.

bed. bedside table. window to living room (right).
work desk.
robot with fallen head. fabric. stamps. books. felt. strings.
& a peek into Marlowe’s room. dollhouse. crib. changing table.
french doors. <3

&plus also:
the playtent

Main furniture pieces: 
living room:
yellow couch: goodwill 50$
coffee table: found in the road
ottomans: homegoods
my room:
comforter: anthropologie
nighttables: homegoods
desk: built by eric
rug: out of country gift from mom &step pops
highchair: goodwill 10$

marlowes room: 
rugs: urban outfitters clearance. 
dresser: found and re-done by me
doll house: antiqued 20$
If you have any questions about where anything else was purchased (or questions about anything else) please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂
Hope you enjoyed!
<3 drea


  1. Random question about that wooden high chair. Does the tray remove completely from the chair or is it on some kind of hinge? If the former, what kind of removal mechanism does it have going on? Thanks!

  2. I love your house! My house definitely needs some revamping and I am using yours as some serious inspiration. What make and color is the turquois-y paint color that you have in many of the rooms through out your house? Thank you! Keep it up!

  3. i'm on your fridge! i love you. you are one of the best people i know.


  4. I absolutely love your home! So quirky and cute. I love the colors and your overall style. It looks so welcoming!

  5. I love your home…so cute and inviting and wow, all that color!! Im a bit jealous and now think my house needs a good revamping!!
    One question, is that a homemade blanket/quilt hanging over the window to your bedroom? I just love the vintage sheet type feel is radiates!!!
    Thanks for sharing your home with us 🙂

  6. I love the blue color on the walls in the living room. Do you know what color it is??

  7. Oh… the light and that yellow couch! So colorful and clean. Love your home tour, Drea.

  8. You have an adorable home! It doesn't look too 'tiny' to me at all… perhaps you're a great photographer, or my one-bedroom apartment is even tinier 😉

  9. Drea,
    I am in love with Marlowe's room! It's a mix of nostalgic and funky-fresh; great color palette with items that go *so* well together.

    I might as well go ahead and admit that I'm in love with your entire home. I'm not an architectural guru, but it strikes me as a beach bungalow with indie/retro vibes just poppin' from every nook and cranny! Again, you have a real knack for color and I appreciate your clean and simple take on life.

    Reasons why I follow your blog: we lead very different lives, but have a lot in common: a love for vintage, pops of color, sunshine, sewing, photography.

    You have inspired me to take on a "less is more" approach for when I design my future bebe's bedroom (I'm only 5 weeks preggo, so I've got plenty of time to collect goodies from yard sales and thrift stores!). Thank you for posting these amazing photos of your adorable home!

    Peace & love,
    Ashley :o)

  10. I think I'm in love with your house…Can Makena and I move in?

    Now if you see my last post…my house is a disaster.. I want to go home and clean it up and make it all look dreamy like your place!



  11. sigh.
    i'm in love with the fresh, bright place –all the colors, all the white.

    and those floors?
    i'm in love.

  12. @brit van r: I'm sorry I don't! I'm the dumbass who doesnt keep paint swatches. I really should. Sorry dear!

  13. Oh it figures it would be Anthropologie! The one blanket I did fall in love with was the Iris from about a year ago or so. Thanks! 🙂

  14. @samantha: I got it from Anthropolgie on sale months ago. Honestly, If it wasn't on sale I dont think it would be worth the money. It's great, but impossible to keep up since it needs to be dry cleaned only… I've stuck in Eric's washer (mine is too small) and you can see it was a big no no. Hope that helps <3

  15. I must know, where did you get the blanket on your bed? It is pretty much everything I have been looking for and unable to find.

  16. fyi i just showed my husband all of these pictures because i had been talking about your house forever and i think it was driving him crazy. i just love the way you decorate, so simple yet so charming. makes me excited to move into a new house and start some declutter up in here.

  17. i love absolutely EVERYTHING about your home! seriously, so gorgeous, colorful, unique, and fun! great job!! 🙂

  18. just found you on top mommy blogs 🙂 LOVE your petite house. it's gorgeous and NICE style.
    did you make the tree on marlowe's dresser?

  19. First of all as a first time young mom I really enjoy reading your blog, you're doing such a great job and it's very refreshing to see a modern, healthy mommy who is conscious about things. I think you're a good example and wish I saw more of that in daily life! Keep up the great work 🙂

    I really like how you decorated the place, especially your mint green wall. I noticed the diapers drying in your kitchen and I was wondering what brand you use since I want to switch to cloth diapering for my 3 week old daughter 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  20. Thank you so much guys! <3
    Really, thank you! 🙂

    @allira– It's a Singer Simple. It's one of the most basic machines you can buy. I had no prior sewing machine experience and was able to figure this one out relatively quick 🙂
    @Steff: This house is 3 times bigger than my past 2 homes. It's small compared to most family homes, but more than enough for me and miss marlowe. 🙂
    @Melody: It was a gift given to me years ago. The artist is Sam Flores (<– good stuff) I did a quick google search and it's still available at 🙂

  21. Love the tour! What fun colors and prints… I'm in *love* with that shower curtain, where did you find it?

  22. i love your home, it is so quirky and cute, just right for two ladies!


  23. I know I'm a little late with this, but your home is amazing. I have a tiny house too and know it can be super challenging to keep things clutter free, but you did such a great job decorating. Love the pops of color everywhere!

  24. So pretty and bright. We are both girls who love our color! I noticed your bottle of Our Daily Red. I love this wine! Not only organic, but soooo yummy!

  25. your house is amazing!! such a good use of the space. I wish I had a craft table like yours, it looks great. thanks for sharing! love your blog by the way. amber

  26. I think I just died and went to heaven, your place is GORGEOUS. And if you think that's tiny, I feel like my house is minuscule! hehe

    So much beautiful light, I love it.

  27. Drea,
    I just love your blog and your beautiful Marlowe, and your house tour post was so calming and beautiful! You've made such a lovely space for yourself and your little dove.
    Do you mind me asking what type of sewing machine you have? You've inpired me to craftily beautify my space too xx

  28. Can I have your couch? Pleaaaaase? 😛

    Your entire house is so cute, I absolutely love it. It seems very homey and warm, but at the same time not cluttered and a huge mess. Very cute!

  29. @S: Thank you! I moved out of states before craving more sun <3 I've never been to Germany, but I imagine other things make up for lack of sun 🙂
    @Amy: You MUST to do a boat tour. That would be awesome!
    @Jess: Thank you so much!
    @PurpleAutumn: Thank you 🙂
    @The Girls: What a great thing to say! Thanks!
    @Lil muse lily: You're right this home isn't actually THAT small. It's 3 times bigger than my last two places.
    @Jessica: Thank you <3
    @mommatojoa: Thank you. Funny thing is, we are repainting Eric's house from neons to grays right now for when I move in.
    @mommablogsalot: Or spring! Don't wait until summer!
    @Hannah: HA! Glad I could help!
    @Bekah: It is clean! I'm obsessive about tidiness.
    @Melissa D.: The tag says "American of Martinsville" I did a quick google search and I'm not finding anything. From the castors on the bottom, it seems to be pretty old.
    @Jennifer: found it as if at goodwill. There's a small fabric tear on one side. Otherwise its perfect.
    @DK: Welcome! Thanks so much for coming by!
    @Adriana: find of the century.
    @Chelsea: mouse fight?
    @Ivana: Thank you!
    @Jazmyn: Thanks! & Thanks for the sweet comment over at sometimessweet <3
    @Riotous Living- Thank you! Clean and bright are my favorite things 🙂

  30. What a lovely home. Great light and some really lovely finds. Love the colour of your walls too.

  31. ahhh it is SO cute!!

    I am obsessing over that shower curtain. I love it. Oh, and the coffee table!

    I also happen to have that mouse showercap m'self 😉

  32. you paid 50 bucks for that amazing couch??? daaamn such a good deal. i have to say, our styles are so similar its kinda scary. your home is perfect!

  33. Hi I found your blog thru Danielle/Sometimessweet and I LOVE your home!!! Super glad I found you. Thanks for sharing your house with the interweb 🙂

  34. Your house is so super cozy and neat!!! Love the yellow couch, did you have it refinished or did you find it that way at the Goodwill? Love everything in your house. So bright and cozy looking!

  35. does the couch have a brand? that is EXACTLY what i am looking for-and am wondering how i would begin my search.

    your house is so beautiful and airy!

  36. I absolutely LOVE your house. I love how bright it is and love the beautiful colors. I am so jealous 🙂

  37. Thank you so much for posting this! I was just about to go out furniture hunting and now I have tons of inspiration!

  38. Thank you so much for posting this! I was just about to go furniture hunting and now I am filled with inspiration. 😀

  39. i love, love, LOVE your place. i want it. and…it is NOT so tiny. it is perfect for you and Marlowe (and Eric 😉 )
    love the high chair you created and i still want some Marlowe's aftermath.

  40. Your home is a perfect culmination of personality! It's perfect and it visually represents how strong you are as a woman and single mom. Rock on!

  41. i am in love with your home. i love the light too and the bright colors! also so beautifully decorated. =]

  42. OMG, long time reader. I love, love, love your home. I wish I had your sense of style. It is simply gorgeous.

  43. I love your home! It has a lot of spirit and I love all the colors. You have a lot of natural light which I am lacking here in Germany. 🙂