Another thrift store find! I realize a lot of my posts have been thrift store finds lately, but I seriously almost never go thrifting, but I just seem to find some the neatest things when I do. I found the little baby at Goodwill the other day and I *had* to share it with you. I feel like an awesome 70’s party or group picnic is in order now.

My set is missing one cup and one plate, but sharing is caring anyway. 
If you’d like to buy your own I found some sold here, here, here, and here (missing cups). 

Speaking of party balls, (heh) I’ve decided to jump back on the twitter bandwagon this week. I’m not making it super public or anything, since it wont necessarily be the most baby-related thing… and it will most likely be filled with stupid jokes, sarcasm, and inappropriate comments. But if you’d like to converse with me via twitter feel free to contact me (via email or facebook) and I’ll send my twitter info your way. I wont be offended if you don’t… especially if you fear the offensive.

Also, I’ve noticed a lot of people have stumbled upon my blog by searching for vegan recipes, so I’m going to make a big effort to incorporate more of that into this little site of mine. It is pretty difficult to get a proper meal done around here with a curious attention needy Babycakes, let alone take pictures of the whole cooking debacle as it happens, but I’m going to try!

A lot of things that I am truly excited about have been going on around this side of the computer screen and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

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  1. @ Heliotrope — I'll try to get some links and books together sometime this week/weekend for you 🙂

  2. I have been meaning to ask you since forever…where do you find most of your vegan cooking recipes? I am predominantly vegetarian…not vegan…but I do cook and bake vegan often. I have some excellent blogs and websites I source for recipes. Just wondering what you faves were…recipe books, too?! Thank you! Seems like you really like your yummy food as much as I do:)