Saturday morning Eric and I lounged around with Marlowe. I tidied up a bit and wrapped up some last minute details for Julia’s gift. Shortly after: the three of us packed up the car and headed south to Miami for Julia’s (&Toms!) baby shower. I had completely forgotten that Julia comes from a Colombian family and when we walked in it was like having my mom x10 there (I say this in a good way, of course). Marlowe was the only baby there (besides Tommy, in Julia’s belly), she was quite a hit. “Ayyy que linda!” hehehe 🙂 It was so wonderful seeing Julia. I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower last July. Cecilia kept kidnapping Marlowe (can you blame her?) while Eric and I hung out munching on snacks and talking with Julia’s friends &family. Julia’s family is seriously amazing.

The mobile I made for Tommy. I call it: “Sometimes Good Things Come From Poop &Rain”
Julia, Marlowe trying to eat my breast, &Cecelia 
Another lover of giraffes
Marlowe finds a seat.
It’s still crazy to think Marlowe fit inside my stomach only six months ago. 6 months from now Julia’s baby will be an active face-grabbing machine and Marlowe will be running around like a mad woman. Surreal. 

Sunday: Eric, Marlowe, and I walked down the street for the Pride Parade. The sun was shining and the heat was on. We found a spot in the shade, but once the crowds moved in we moved closer to the road to get a better look. Jerry has joined me before to pride parades sporting a rainbow bandana, but unfortunately Lake Worth always seem to have an over abundance of dogs. &Jerry with dogs = bad news. He’s got short man syndrome and puts on a tough guy act. I became overly emotional during the parade. Basically, if I hadn’t tried my hardest to hold back tears it would have been a full on sob-fest coming from me. 1. I missed my best friend. A lot. 2. I always seem to get really emotional about large groups of people coming together for a good cause… like, really really emotional. It’s such an up-lifting and inspiring thing &it brings me to sobby, girly tears almost every time. It’s weird, living in the town I do, with the wonderful open-minded friends and people that surround me, sometimes I forget that there are still people out there who lack acceptance with these sorts of things. Aren’t we all supposed to be created equal? I’m sure eventually this will all change, it just takes time.
After the parade a group of us headed for lunch and then to my brothers house to take-over his pool 🙂 Marlowe was totally digging the water this time. She was splashing and smiling. It was great. Apparently all I need is a parade and swimming pool to get Marlowe to sleep like a champ every night 🙂

Apparently Florida has a Gay Rodeo Association… I had no idea. 
Marlowe fell asleep on Eric during the parade. Hardest time ever to get her to sleep through the night lately, but totally sleeps through 50 motorcycles driving by. I will never understand. 
Walking home. I spy a little foot.
Oh, and apparently, Marlowe can easily do this now:
Saturday morning I’m in the bedroom and Eric is walking into the kitchen. He peeks in the nursery and there is Marlowe pulling herself up. I of course ran in with my camera. Two days after her 6 month birthday and she is fully pulling herself up– by herself, with no problems to stand. Oh dear.
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  1. As someone who lives in a backwards southern state rife with ignorance and homophobia, I am totally jealous of your town & its abundance of open-minded and accepting people. I wish I lived there instead of here 🙁

  2. 1. The mobile is ADORABLE.
    2. I hear you on the tearing up at Pride. Good things always make me cry easier than bad things. Heck, I teared up during the MLK parade we came across in Hawaii and at the parade welcoming our Football World Cup team home to New Zealand.

  3. It was awesome meeting you, Marlowe and your boy at Julia's shower. The mobile was so cute, especially the poop. We took lots of pics of the present-opening once it finally happened, I'm sure Cecy will be sharing soon.

  4. the mobile is GORGEOUS! love, love, love it and your blog too : ))


  5. @Bekah &@lil muse lily: love you girls!

    @the peanut gallery: for over your bed at night? 🙂

    @marie: I will take custom orders if you ever want one 🙂 just email!

    @carey: get off the internet and have your baby! You're going to have it today. My bff is in MA &comes down in May! 🙂

    @renee: Eric's mom made em for me! She makes awesome stuff for Miss Marlowe!

  6. I love love your bumper on Marlowes cot! Where did you get it? Or did you make it?

  7. I'm going to second everything everyone has said about your mobile! It is amazing. I love it!

    I'm the same way about big crowds of people coming together in support of something right. It's so moving and inspiring, and I have total "proud mama" syndrome my whole life. Where's your best friend? Hope you get visit time soon!

  8. Oh gosh that mobile is just so adorable. I would love love love to have one like that for my baby.
    I think i'm in love with it.
    Looks like a fun weekend.

  9. You did such a great job with the mobile. Love it.
    I know what you mean about getting emotional during times of togetherness, i'm there also.
    i support all those things and you. i vote daily. 🙂

  10. Amy: Don't be jealous, I'm sweating.

    @chelsea: everyone says it takes boys longer! Maybe tomorrow 🙂 Also, seriously, it's time to move the crib away from the window. I thought I had more time. ugh.

    @hanamon: brilliant idea. I'll have to have my dad record his bike <3

    @julia: eeeeep! You're having a babyyyy soon! love you!

  11. Amy: Don't be jealous, I'm sweating.

    @chelsea: everyone says it takes boys longer! Maybe tomorrow 🙂 Also, seriously, it's time to move the crib away from the window. I thought I had more time. ugh.

    @hanamon: brilliant idea. I'll have to have my dad record his bike <3

    @julia: eeeeep! You're having a babyyyy soon! love you!

  12. <3 The pictures are wonderful, seeing you was wonderful, Marlowe is AMAZING, Eric is as wonderful as I remembered him, and my mobile is THE BEST thing ever (note how I called it MY mobile. hehe) I can't wait to see you again, I can't wait for baby to get here, and I can't wait for play dates and other fun things. <3 u girl!

  13. oh wow, photos are awesome! The mobile is beautiful, marlowe is beautiful, I can't believe she has pulled herself up! Perhaps you could get a recording of motorcycles to put M to sleep hehe

  14. wooow i can't believe she's STANDING!! levi better catch up to miss marlowe…he's a day older than her but can barely sit up on his own for 3 seconds without tipping over! :X

    hopefully curtain grabbing won't be next on her agenda! ;]

  15. Love it all- the mobile, the photos (esp the colourful shadow under the flag in the first rainbow one.) And the Florida Gay Rodeo association! Amazing! I am envious of your sunshine too!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  16. @dusti: Thank you. Making mobiles is probably my favorite thing to craft! I've been meaning to make a custom mobile space on my etsy, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd be happy to make one for you. Just email me. You can see a simple birdy one or Marlowe's one here on this post :

    @melissa d: stop itttttt. im scared.

    @deanna: thanks!

  17. eeek! good luck mama, once they stand it is a whole new world of baby proofing. i am running out of places to hide things from stella!

  18. That is THE single most beautiful mobile I have ever seen. We have had absolutely no luck finding one we like enough to buy for this baby. *sigh* If you ever want to sell one, please let me know!! 🙂