Here is the last round of our September (small) sponsors! Please be sure to give these ladies some love! 

Sammie; twenty-two; Pennsylvania; wife to K; 3 cats. Loves: reading; writing; photography; movies; music; coffee; learning; working; walking; b&n Nook e-reader. I love meeting new people, so feel free to comment, email me, or visit my twitter! I am not one of those bloggers who are scary and unapproachable, hehe, I’m always looking for a new friend!
Dani: Single mama… with a similar story. Sweetest mama with sweetest baby, Makena (who just turned one this August!). Be sure to check out her blog, facebook, and her etsy!
Once Upon A Time: We lovely handcrafted original products such as appliquéd baby onesies , t-shirts hair slides, earrings and lots more, they are sure to carry special memories for a long time … oh and be sure to look at the nifty felt woodland creatures! 
Check out Lil’s blog too. 
Natalie: The secret diary of a single mother; blogging about my daily life as a stay-at-home mother and lover of all things beautiful. Sharing with you: Stella Winter, the challenges of parenting alone and a passion for motherhood. 
Also, find her on: twitter.

Meg: I am a full-time student and a part-time server living in Wisconsin. I am engaged to my best friend, Bryon and this past summer we rescued a pup named Jeter. I started this little blog as a journal to my future self – something to look back on when I am “grown up”
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