But I do wear clothes almost every day. And I do look nice sometimes (I just washed my hair today, for the first time in a week). And sometimes people send me really great things that I like…. or I’m not sure if I like, but then I put that item on…. and I fall in love with it… and want to wear it everyday. This skirt is one of those items. 
I was hesitant about this skirt because I always either wear: black on black,  some kind of grey, white, or denim ( <– i just had to spell check denim), or I wear really bright dresses, but never really black with colors… well, except for these boots— they’re a totally amazing exception. But the skirt works, and it fit perfectly, and trying on anything and having it be a perfect fit is usually a sign that it was meant to be, right? Yep. So, thank you Katie
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Things to note about this post:
1. I am outside, in a skirt and a tube top, it was gorgeous outside. But please don’t be jealous, because today, I am fighting this humidity to try to keep my AC off and the misquotes out of my house… in December.  
2. I had a dinner date with the little one and two ladies to eat at Alex’s restaurant. It’s a dark place, and all the photos were a giant blur, so you get these photos of my outfit and not the adorable photos of Marlowe sitting on my shoulders trying to wave at her daddy while he was making me pizza. 
3. My boobs look huge, which is stupid, because they are shrinking. I did about three happy dances last week when I woke up one morning to significantly smaller breasts. Yes, this means: weaning is happening and going awesome…. but milk is still flowing. 
4. There are pockets. 
5. This post is under the “fashion-schmashion” category. I obviously don’t care to blog about clothes very often. I might (maybe) try to post an outfit a month, you know, for that one date night out…. and so I can look back one day and laugh. Or something.  
sunglasses: UO // top: AA  // skirt: desert gypsy goods // shoes: BC
Now, I leave you with this: 
Thank you for all the comments about my tree, they helped ease my mind… a tiny bit 😉
Happy Friday everyone! 
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  1. 1- you look totally cute
    2- it's ok to blog about clothes because we know you like them
    3- i'm over this weather. turned the ac back on last week

  2. Of course it's not a fashion blog, it's a YOU blog! YOU embody a lot of great things so don't be ashamed of posting this stuff! It's great too! YOU have style! Exclamation point!

  3. you look so pretty!!

    i love your outfit, every piece is super cute and very well put together. you should do more outfit posts!


  4. Wow! That skirt is amazing! And those boots- AWESOME!

    Tan bonita, lady!!! Rockin' the black and colors 😉