I’ve had a lot of questions about what some of my plans are… with the duration, my home, my couch (hehe), and Jer-bear: the pup. Some of the details and plans are still being finalized, but here’s the penciled-in plan:
I am coming back to this house, I’m not moving out. Nothing is going to storage. My stuff, my couch, everything is staying. I’ll have people staying here… and by people, I mean friends. I thought about subletting, but it’s just a whole other thing to add to the craziness going on, no thanks. I’ll still have rent to pay, but I won’t really have to worry about utilities, gas (well, maybe some gas, but I’ll mostly be taking the commuter rail for day trips), or food (I’m pretty much going to be my mom’s live in personal chef. She’s stoked, to say the least). So, while I won’t be saving a TON of money, I will be saving some… and I will have my home to come back to… around the end of September. I promised Alex, I would be back for Marlowe’s birthday (the 25th). No ticket bought yet, but that’s the plan.
And Jerry… well, ugh. The poor guy… I had a few potential options for dog-sitters for Jerry… but then, well, something happened. Poor little guy slipped a disc in his back 🙁 He’s on bed-rest for a month. Yes, a dog on bed rest. Lucky for him, he’s been getting loving and meds… and now feels great. Unlucky for him, that he doesn’t understand why he has to be crated 24/7. Unlucky for me to take care of a kiddo and an unknowingly crippled dog, by myself. Try explaining to a toddler why she can’t give her doggy hugs and take him on walks, or take part in their favorite activity: play ball. “Ball? Leash? Ball?” “No, Jerry has a booboo. Jerry has to sleep”. People and animals get frustrated. This has pretty much been the only problem that has popped up in this move: an unexpected doggy old man injury. I tried to change my plans a bit to potentially bring him north, but I know it would be a disaster. So many flights of stairs to have to carry him up and down on, my moms spotless home covered in dog hair, and a dog that shakes in air-conditioning (he’s from Arizona, the cold is not his friend). Luckily, my brother has offered to take him while I’m gone… as long as I promise to come back and not leave him there forever. Fair enough.

We said goodbye to Jerry yesterday. I didn’t really think twice about the goodbye, but as my brother packed up Jerry, Marlowe began to cry. She sees him come and go with a leash on, but she’s never seen him picked up, in a crate, to be carried out the door. My heart broke, really broke. I now, never, ever want to see her go through heartbreak. I can handle her booboos and her tears… But loss and broken heart? Ugh, no no no. I kneeled down beside her and explained Jerry was going to go play with other doggies and Auntie and Uncle. (Lies). She would take a few more bites of food and cry for “Jerrrrrrrry” again. On and off. She woke today, just fine. I told her she would go get to play with Desi (her grandma’s dog) and Jerry would be playing with his doggie friends… and she was okay. As much as that dog drives me nuts, I really do love him and my home feels ghostly without him. I’ll be happy to see his stupid, hairy face when we return.

Today is full of rain… but AH! It’s almost go time! Marlowe is spending the day with her dad, and I’m cleaning like crazy, pretty much done packing, and having a bit of a girly errand day with friends. I’ve had a huge smile on my face… so big, that my cheeks hurt every single day.  Even with my fear of flying, Marlowe and I both get excited when a plane flies by. I ask her “Are you going to go on a plane soon!? Are we going to go see Abuela!?” She nods and jumps: “Ya! Ya!” When she finds a plane in a book, she points to the plane, then to herself: “Maarow?” YES! We’re ready, as ready as we can be… must put music on my phone and must buy plane snacks, then: we’re off!
On my fear of flying: Sky-diving.


  1. I was wondering about those details as well. Safe travels. Can't wait to hear about your adventure up North. Nice to hear that you are smiling from ear to ear as well 🙂

  2. Very cute, sounds like both of you will have a good time.

    I'm glad to hear that she is better. And although my dog isn't old, we've had him on medication and being calmer then he usually is, which is similar to this, due to eye surgery.

    Have fun! 😀

  3. So happy to read she felt better about Jerry. Are you teaching Marlowe spanish too? I am half Panamanian and I teach River words here and there, but nothing too substantial "aga" aka agua. So excited for your up north vaca/temp move! Reading that you are smiling from ear to ear is also a plus! 🙂


  4. haha…I was wondering about ALL that stuff…Poor little doggie. girl..our stories are sooo similar I can't get over it. I have a little dog and he was staying with Makena's dad…it felt WAY too weird to be with out him and Makena does the same thing… "I walk Milo momma, Milo barkin' momma, kiss milo, hug milo…" so cute. And the attachment these little ones get…so needless to say…I've got the dog back. It's a ton of work with a dog and a toddler in an apartment…but it's worth it!

    Safe travels!!! Excited for the new adventure to start!



  5. Oh good. A home to come back to and a vacation for/from (??) Jerry. (I have a cat I need a vacation from as we speak and an old lady cat that would like a vacation from the toddler.S0….)Your break will be excellent for your mind and soul and M will get so much quality time with Abuela to boot. Yay yay yay!!!