One photo. Cereal. Marlowe has been devouring cereal like it’s her job. And unfortunately, this has been the bulk of what she would eat for the first week/week point five here. She did alright in Massachusetts. Wandered off during meals a few times. &Proclaimed “all done!” a few times sooner than I would have liked, but she did alright, sitting at the table with food in front of her face. Here? Well, cereal and peanut butter sandwiches have become a staple. You know, it’s something so simple– commonsense, really… to know that a child isn’t going to want to eat (as much— if anything) with a bunch of distractions around. But it’s not something I thought much about. I never had to, except maybe in public. Going out to eat with Marlowe hasn’t exactly been one of my favorite things to do. Its something thats rarely done. She wants to run, or wander, or run some more, and wander some more (you know, like any newly walking baby or toddler). But sit? With food in front of her? No thanks. At home it’s so easy. I plop her into her high chair (or on a chair, in front of the coffee table for breakfast), I put a bowl in front of her, and she eats it. Our home is quiet. You know, it’s just the two of us (and a quiet dog). Sometimes there is music, or a netflix video on the computer, but that’s it. Here, I felt slightly defeated that she wouldn’t just sit and eat. I mean, I get it: she’s distracted. Or at least: now I get it. Slowly, I’ve been figuring out ways to get her to focus and eat again… but it definitely doesn’t involve her sitting at the table with the other two boys. We’re not there yet, she’s too young, not accustomed, and theres not enough time to adjust and get there, while we’re here. For now, it means she’s back in a highchair. And bigger, dinner meals, are placed in front of her while the two older kids are at the park, out of the house. It’s been a few days of mixing it up, but it’s working… and more meals are being eaten. It just makes me think even more about “What Marlowe Eats“… and what kids in general eat. Well, what and how. I always think about stages, textures, food sizes, seasonings, and presentation when preparing a meal for a toddler, but now, I’ve been thinking more about the outside variables too. It’s certainly a little bit of an eye-opener, and most definitely a good thing for me to think about. 


  1. I love this observation-noticing not just what she's eating, but the circumstances that work for you. I nanny for a 19 month old and we always eat at home so circumstaces aren't something I've had to think about.

  2. I have been having an awful time getting Simon to eat while we are upstate – and it is definitely all about distractions. There is just too much going on to stop and eat – even when all the families are eating together. Naps are hard to manage too.

    • Luckily naps are still set in place. I'm so angry I didn't get to have an upstate visit this summer. It's on my next year to do list, I guess 🙂

  3. While my toddler and I are not in Hawaii, I'm sharing a similar experience with my LO that you are with Marlowe…regarding distractions and thinking about how much my LO eats and how it's eaten (while standing versus sitting). It's so interesting to me. I feel socially inclined to encourage socially acceptable manners, but the mother in me says to let it be, the time will come when sitting will be more enjoyable than walking around. My girl is only 19 months, and people expert her to sit. The child has been walking for seven months. LOL I'd want to walk and run all the time too. 🙂

  4. I just got back from a week trip to my parents place with my little and had the same issue! I swear she didn't eat for an entire week. She survived off of pieces of cheese and fruit that she could carry while running around going crazy. Good luck trying to find a way to keep her fed!! I'd love to find a solution too.

    • We actually had a cheese and fruit experience in MA too. Marlowes little cousins were all eating cheese… and so now she asks for it like crazy. haha. I started giving her pieces of vegan cheese 🙂

  5. That was our biggest challenge (well, that and sleep) while traveling through Europe this summer. Food and eating became a major issue and our daughter got to be a very reluctant eater. Too much to see and do, no regular highchair, etc etc. It got better once we got home from our travels but we did have two months of "bad" eating. Nothing that didn't return to normal once we returned to our home routine though!


  6. Ocean leaves the table several times while we are eating, I am making it a point to teach her to ask to be excused. Good Luck!

    • ooooh. I'm going to start TRYING to do this with M. It's obviously early… but starting these things now will only help 🙂 Muah.

  7. This is exactly the same problem I have with my son when we go out to eat and why we do it rarely. And it's not that he's bad, he's 20 months, he's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. Going out to eat should be enjoyable, when you can't sit to eat your meal because you're chasing a toddler it's just not. I definitely know and hear what you're saying here.

  8. Welcome to my world drea! 😉
    And still at home it's only me, the cat and Stanley…yet he gets distracted so very quickly. Although we are making progress in our house, slowly slowly…
    I think even if Marlowe only ate cereal for the next month she'd still have the best diet of all the toddlers I know in the flesh and across the internet! x