Yipee! Summer is ALMOST HERE. I mean, it’s basically here in Florida. Because it’s hot as hell during the day… and sunny most of the time, though the water is still a bit too chilly for us southern girls… but you know, whatever, we’re wimps. On a last minute whim today we threw a handful of bathing suits and towels in the car today for a maybe beach trip. More than halfway there, I was pissed when I realized I forgot M’s hat. We’ve got one of our own Urban Baby Bonnet hats, and it’s a bit perfect. She fought me on the hat thing for quite a while, hated anything on her head, but now.. that she likes choosing things— and more specifically: anything cute, bright, super girly, and with a bit of pizzaz, she’s all about her hat. I don’t blame her, I’d wear one too. Covers the face, it’s secure on your head for those overly windy days, and it’s super light and airy so you don’t feel suffocated under it. Perfect summer hat ineed. I know not all of us live in Florida or Hawaii (like the pretty little ladies in the photos… you might remember the smaller one, addie, from such ADORABLE blog posts as the two of them), and so maybe you’re not feeling overly summery right now, but soon enough, it will be summer for everyone (okay, not everyone, it’ll be winter in part of the world, but whatever…. they had their time) and we’ll all need hats… WELL, UBB has hats, lots of them, and really, REALLY adorable ones. Organic ones too. And dresses, and onsies, and even winter wear— you know, for the people on the other side of the world. And of course, there’s a sale section too. And if you’re looking for something more boyish, they have a boy section too! So yes, I totally recommend them. Everything is handmade, in the USA, and super adorable. 
My favorites:

And if you’re looking for free shipping, use discount code: ohdeardrea 


  1. oh MAN those are cute! It's so fun when the little ones want to wear hats. Actually, I just wrote about how happy I was that my 19 month old wanted to wear a hat on our trip to FL last month (the suuunn). 🙂 (http://hennablossom.com/?p=1335). Last year I couldn't get him to leave anything on his head!

    Whoa, okay, I just glanced up at some of your other comments. There are boy bonnets? What? Okay sorry, need to end this comment and go check those out! 🙂

  2. I was JUST looking at these hats! it's hard to find something for boys, but this site at least has blue patterns!