So, for Marlowe’s birthday party we made A LOT of sangria. Like, a bucket full of the red. And about two pitchers of white. We drank a lot of it, and more of it, and had it the next day, and then the next. I mean, it was delicious. By the next day, well I don’t think we were tired of the sangria, just maybe had enough drinking. You know? Like I’ve said, I hate wasting food, it really bums me out to see something that would have been perfectly fine go to waste… and well, I can’t turn sangria into a new batch of soup, or pasta, or a rice dish or anything weird like that… okay, Alex says maybe you can, but I’m not a wizard…. so I put a stick in it and made a popsicle.
Sangria can sometimes be considered a summer time refresher, but since apple picking the week before and joining a seasonal vegetable share the week of the party, I had a blend of fall fruits piling up in my house. Fall fruits in sangria? Delicious. And if by some chance you’ve made one or two batches too many and you’re done and tired with the sangria, popsicles.

(Mostly) Fall Fruit Sangria Recipe
1 bottle red wine, chilled
5 oz flavored vodka*
1 cup orange juice
1 pomegranate, seeds
1 orange, halved &sliced
1 cup green grapes halved
1 apple, cored, diced

-Combine, refrigerate, for one hour before serving, top with sparkling waterA White Sangria, omit the orange and orange juice, add the juice of two more apples, &one pear cored &diced.

*vodka is optional, but we had some extra pomegranate vodka hanging out in our freezer so we thought it would give it a nice flavorful kick (&it did!) Feel free to add your own favorite flavored vodka, or skip it all together.
also: if you do plan on making popsicles… (why wouldn’t you?!) then be sure you cut your fruit small enough to fit in your popsicle molds! We use a Zuko 7 minute popsicle maker at home, it can make up to three batches at one time (9 popsicles). We don’t have any of the fancy tools that come with it so anything we add in is small diced or soft fruit. Obviously the sliced of oranges did not make it into the popsicles!



Happy friday friends 😉 Three cheers for the weekend!


  1. I need to check out that popsicle maker! These are adorable. Let me just add, I'm super jealous that you can still eat popsicles in mid-October in Florida! Here in Alaska, it's a different story… 🙂

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA