We’ve been super busy over here lately. Alex has been putting a lot of work into the garden all while building us a deck that extends out from our pergola. Marlowe, well, she’s just been doing her thing. I’ve been dreaming dreaming dreaming big things like I always do and spending a fair amount of time with a computer in front of me. It’s been good, but man, I think we’re all longing for some good ole’ downtime. Alex came home from work friday night, crawled into bed and asked, “Can we just have a chill day tomorrow? No big plans? No work? No yard stuff? Just coffee and easy life?” I told him, that sounds perfect, amazing, the only thing I want and need. It’s so nice to just chill out sometimes. We absolutely don’t do it enough anymore. We even opted to bring out Marlowe’s computer for her “to do work on” so we could veg out even further. Haha. It was the extra touch we needed to a perfect weather-relaxing day. This week? It’s my goal: make time to chill out. 

PS. My inbox has been packed with questions lately. Some of the questions/answers are already in my FAQ section, some are not. Also, I get a lot of questions in different posts or on different forms of social media and sometimes I don’t get to some of them, and sometimes I just don’t see them. I’m hoping to add a bit more of the regularly asked questions to the list, so if you have some more questions, this week would be a great time to email them 😉 That way I can answer them all at one time!  (email: ohdeardrea@gmail.com  // subject: questions)

For the photo questions I’ve been getting lately… most of the photos are just iphone photos (I use a use a few filters on my phone). Sometimes, like up there^ I use my brother’s Fuji camera. For photo editing? Nothing usually, just good subjects and good light. I actually JUST took my first ever photoshop class about two weeks ago! Of course, in typical drea fashion, I did it AFTER I was finished doing all the editing, styling, photoshopping, putting together, etc etc etc of the e-book! Haha! I was like “holy cow, drea, it might be time you invested in a class.” so I did. I learned a few tricks, but you probably (definitely) wont be seeing anything too fancy around here. But you’ll probably see a few more filters/actions! If you haven’t seen the new ABM actions, I just got them two days ago, I’ve been spending a ton of time playing with them. They are awesome. (You can see some of the actions in the photos above! photos 4,5,6)

….okay, NOW it’s time for me to go chill out. 


  1. I find your blog absolutely inspiring – from your beautiful home and gorgeous personal style, to your bright attitude and your all-natural lifestyle. That's all – just so you know!

  2. Where is this garden shop/market? I just moved to South Florida and I'm looking for more places like this!
    Looks like a lovely day :).
    – Michelle

  3. I love those chill out days. Sounds like this one was much needed and well deserved. Love those pictures of Marlowe in that little hat:)

  4. Have you heard of cranberry hibiscus? I learned about it a few weeks ago and I know you'll love it. Firstly: flowers, secondly: edible leaves. They taste like – get this – cranberries at the end. Great in salads and such.

    – Jessa

  5. It's so easy to burn yourself out isn't it? I definitely need to set aside some time to just sit and read, or something.

  6. Marlowe in that little hat?! too cute. Making dedicated time to relax is such a tough thing. But something I think we all desperately need more of. xo

  7. Marlowe in that little hat?! too cute. Making dedicated time to relax is such a tough thing. But something I think we all desperately need more of. xo

  8. People make me feel like I chill all the time since I'm a stay at home mom during the week but oh my goodness I wish I had a day off from everything and could just chill. I'm waiting for warm weather for my chill day. Pack a picnic, go to the beach, and just relax with my daughter. Your rings are beautiful!

  9. My favorite weekends are the ones where we don't have anything planned. It's fun to visit family and check out fun new places, but there's nothing better than just grabbing some coffee, taking a walk, or reading a book. Have fun chilling out! 🙂

    The Rambling Fangirl

  10. I think I need some chill out time too, I found myself reduced to tears last night. Rock bottom has been reached I think. But at the moment – there's no time for chilling, I just need to take a deep breath and press on, ever on. I love the photos of the garden shop, everything looks so exotic, and of Marlowe in her bobble hat – adorable. I hope you have a good week Drea.

  11. This was us today too! Sometimes it's hard to do less and not feel bad about it, but it's so worth it! You have to give yourself time to reboot so you can be more productive later!