Welp guys, there’s one hundred and one photos in this post—- but all of them are very patriotic, if that counts for anything πŸ˜‰ Friday was fun, lots of it— minus the dark, dark clouds looming it ws a good time. Oh, and minus the fact that a very excited Alex ended up having to work. Womp. But it was a good day— and a nice break from my everyday routine. 
We had the party at my brothers this year— Kristian was out of town, but more importantly, I just wanted to change the scene a bit from last years party. Luckily, my brother has a pretty great house for throwing parties— especially of the outdoor, pool entertaining kind. And a working outdoor kitchen? Want. Love. Good set up, brother. We all had a good time, and afterwards I headed downtown with my lady friends for some more drinks, some rooftop fire work watching hangs, some pizza, and then some earlier than usual partied out sleep. I woke up the next day, getting an extra 2 to 3 hours of sleep and feeling better than I’ve felt in weeeeeks!. It was amazing. I should probably just throw parties more often πŸ˜‰ 

apparently when you leave vodka at my brother’s house— it turns into jello shots. #notvegan

my meat loving, zoo hating, hard time giving, 13 year old looking beautiful friend. I do love her. 

Also, if you missed our other 15 second videos, you can see how to make raspberry iced tea HERE and watermelon spritzer HERE. And find all the recipes: HERE. The strawberry one is seriously SO GOOD— I mean, they all are— but the strawberry one— mmm mmm mmm.



  1. Looks like a fantastic party. So glad you had a good time. CJ xx

  2. Saw your brother at our friends wedding. I told him I was a fan of you and he said you had asked him to bartend this! Small world & too funny! Looks like you guys had fun.