I mean, don’t get me wrong— I enjoy a good grocery trip where I just can just browse and pick up fun things— or a farmers market for buying food and meeting the people who help grow it—- but when you’re busy as can be and have been to the store to pick up this or pick up that or omg did I seriously forget to buy this? about 50 million times a week (slight exaggeration) it’s really nice to have a meal come to your door. And even better when it’s a healthy and thought out meal. A convenience for sure, but oh man what a nice treat. A healthy present to treat yourself to (food wise and mind wise, oof).
Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve found this cookbook process easier by taking more time to breath, regroup, and just relax. Well, Alex and I had the great pleasure of trying out Blue Apron this month. It was a really nice to have a (refrigerated) box come to our door, and everything I could need (besides salt and oil) come for a whole meal within the box. I didn’t have to worry or panic that I would be missing ingredients or not have enough of one— everything was there. And with a happy toddler at grandmas, we had ourselves an easy and fun sort-of date trying out someone else’s recipes 🙂

It was nice mixing up our usual go to recipes for something else. I think it makes things fun. You order three meals for the week and choose the amount of people you’re cooking for (two, four, or six) and voila easy, portioned out ingredients are at your door. I could see this being a very fun thing to occasionally add to our routine—- once the cookbook is done. And a very regular, every day thing for A LOT of my friends— seriously my friend Halle almost jumped out of chair with excitement when I told her we were trying it— she apparently loves Blue Apron, haha. Also, I found out there’s not a vegan option— so I wouldn’t recommend this to the 10% of you in vegan households 😉 But for us it worked perfectly fine ordering the vegetarian option. Alex just got an extra portion of aioli and I used some vegan mayo in the fridge— a win for both of us. Also, we were both majorly impressed with how simple, but filling the veggie burgers were. I’d totally add it as a new recipe to our rotation.

Want to try it out? Well, Blue Apron is very kindly offering the first 50 readers two free meals when they place their first order! (That’s crazy— crazy awesome).

*Blue Apron is available nationwide, shipping to over 80% of the country You can check out the full map of delivery zones HERE. Meals are $9.99 per person with free shipping!


  1. I keep seeing this everywhere! I checked it out before and thought it was too expensive for just little me (since I'm not a 2, 4, 6) but when I'm making a bit more money it might be worth it and I can just have lots of leftovers!

  2. I tried them when my babe was tiny. I loved not having to think about what to make and the 2 peo portion was enough to feed me, hubs, and toddler. The ingredients were really fresh but at the end, it was just too much dairy and I couldn't bring myself to eat non-organic peppers (or any other veg in the dirty dozen). I told them when they have vegan and organic options, I'll def be back!

    • Honestly, if there was celery in the box, I probably wouldn't have ate it. The certain non organics (like celery and peppers like you mentioned) freak me out. I personally would treat it like going out to dinner— for example we eat only organic at home, but we go out to eat maybe once or twice a month and I know I'm not eating organic, and I just have to be okay with it, or stay home! (but I still won't eat the celery haha!) I do feel ike it's only a mater of time before they add in organic/vegan options, especially if they have enough people asking for it. I know once, I found out I made it a point to mention that they should that there's a lot of vegans out there (who don't have meat eating husbands) who would appreciate a vegan option!

  3. this is so cool! i love anything that makes a trip to the store unnecessary. those patties look so good!

    • Well the box we had they had outdoor grill preparation recipe AND stove preparation. One thing that was really good was that they you the instructions to make it without a food processor— all you really needed was oil, salt, and a knife. That being said, if you don't have a shared cooking space in your dorm, I don't think this would work well in a microwave 😉

  4. are the items they send you local? on their site I can see their more recent partners, but am not sure if there are more than what they have listed. kinda pricey, but would be sooo nice sometimes to not have to deal with the shopping and get out of the cooking rut of my same 10 meals I seem to rotate!

    • On their site it says they try to be as local as possible— but local to who, I don't know haha. It seems like the source from small farms across the US. I agree, it would be cheaper to buy meals for yourself to make, but like you said, this gets you out of the rut and it's that convince fee of not going to the store—- which can sometimes be so golden.

  5. Looks nice, it's a shame it isn't vegan 🙁 Any other vegans out there? I feel as if I make up the 10% myself XD

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous gourmet meal! Especially great for people who love cooking, but are dissuaded by the need to pick out a recipe and get everything from the store.


  7. Wow, what a gorgeous gourmet meal! Especially great for people who love cooking, but are dissuaded by the need to pick out a recipe and get everything from the store.


  8. That's a great idea. I wish we had even grocery delivery where I live because some days the last thing I want to do is go to the store.

    • I will use everything I have in my house until I HAVE to go to this store. So this cookbook– grocery store 4 times a week thing has been driving me nuts.

  9. What a good idea, perfect for when you haven't got the energy to find a recipe and put all of the ingredients together. It looks delicious too.

  10. Blue Apron seems pretty awesome! I saw a post on bluebird blog that she did with them. Seems like they're definitely trying to get the word out!
    I'm always weary about food in the mail lol…

  11. This is such a great idea!! Now if I could convince someone to cook it for me it would be even better! 🙂