I don’t need to tell you guys for you to know, life has been pretty stacked around here with prepping for our india trip. Outside of prepping myself, I of course have to help prep the group of girls who are joining us– as well as my home, family, this blog (I’ll still have this space up and running full-time like always), and the other side jobs I took on this year. It’s hectic and exciting in the best way.
One thing that has made this time before my trip exceptionally better, easier, and more delicious has been a big ole’ shipment from Urban Remedy. Organic, raw, healthy pre-made meals, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee at my door, to fill my belly when I need a meal but don’t want to fuss about what to make or making the time to make it. The convenience, deliciousness, and great healthy feeling that has followed in this hectic time has been unparalleled.
note: I’m about to change your dessert life. read below.

On the busy days I’ve been able to just grab a juice, smoothie, or meal out of my fridge, fill up my stomach and feel incredibly awesome after. I’m not typically a huge salad girl– but honestly, mostly because I don’t like preparing my own salads, ha! If I’m going to spend my time eating a salad, it has to be a good one, you know?  Also, I’m pretty picky about dressings. We don’t buy store dressings for the house, I like something fresh tasting. But not only were the Urban Remedy dressings freshly made— but they actually taste homemade!

Also, for those who asked about my three day juice cleanse I recently did, they’re tricky, but awesome. If you’re not local, well, you can always order a cleanse via Urban Remedy-— for any amount of days you choose. And not only that, but there are four different types of juice cleanses to choose from! I didn’t cleanse this time, as I’ve been pretty healthy and didn’t think my body needed, but I still opted to have a juice each day for an extra boost.  I’m not really a breakfast eater, so having a smoothie or juice for breakfast, without any work, well, it’s been a nice healthy mix up from my daily ‘wait for lunch’ routine.

nom. smoothies, aka. meal in a bottle. 
best caption for this:
things I really like to eat, that make me feel awesome, but I don’t like making for myself.

ALSO, SO,  Urban Remedy also sent me this tiramisu dessert and I was kinda like, ehhhhh this might be good— maybe— maybe not, maybe I’ll let Alex eat it (you know, I’m not much of a dessert girl). Like, I didn’t even bother to take pictures, because I had already decided I was not impressed. But then I was craving chocolate and decided to open up the container and try it out. And no, it was not, just okay, it was in fact the best thing EVER. And now, all I ever think about is this dessert All day. Seriously, I immediately picked up my phone and texted Alex telling him that I officially had the most delicious tasting thing in the entire world. And proceeded to eat, without stopping—- until, finally at the end, I saved him one spoonful. Later when he came home, he agreed—- absolutely nothing compares. It was in fact, the most delicious thing ever. And you probably wont ever know it from this picture, but you have to trust me—- like, I even proclaimed it was better than pizza. Thats serious.

Oh, and coffee straight to my door? I’m always into that.

ps. this. (you’re welcome).

Hooray Urban Remedy!

my shirt. (sleeves cut off)


  1. Oh that puppy, I'm lost for words. Urban Remedy sounds brilliant, it's nice to see really healthy food like this, instead of junky stuff with lots of additives. CJ xx

  2. Hi Drea! I am stopping over after the Federated Media email debacle! Nice to meet you! I must say, I have never heard of Urban Remedy but I am curious to check it out now. I am always looking for ways to be healthier myself but to also make my family healthier… especially with a new baby on the way!