GUYS! Something I’ve been waiting and hoping for for a long, long time happened! Annie’s finally came out with a vegan mac and cheese option! I’m not going to lie, I’ve stared at the shelves one too many times wondering why there was no vegan option— but now, finally, it’s here!And wait— get this, there’s a gluten free option. And wait— a VEGAN GLUTEN FREE option! But hold on, it’s gets better (for me), I can actually eat this on my super limited diet! Can you believe it? Processed foods of any kind are basically completely out of the picture in my life– but a quick (or extensive) run through of the box showed me that there is actual magic in the world and I can now enjoy this treat!

And of course, not only are there vegan and vegan + gf options– but also, the products are all organic with no artificial flavor or synthetic colors and no crappy body hating preservatives. The sauce is made with pumpkin and sweet potato! <3<3<3

I asked her to read me the directions. she guessed pretty close… haha.

Needless to say, Marlowe and I have both been VERY excited about this exciting news. We obviously don’t eat a lot of processed foods around here— but this? As a quick meal or delicious treat every once in a while? We’re totally into it.

And to spice things up a bit? For a bit of extra health to my delicious bowl? I added sautéed kale and tempeh! It’s basically a rule that I have to add a protein and a green to every meal I eat— it helps balance out anything and everything I eat for absorption and my gut. This combo worked out perfectly!

Mix in Monday Vegan Tempeh Kale Annie’s Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese

you’ll need:
-one package of Annie’s Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese, prepared as directed
-one package of tempeh (cubed)
-one head of kale (de stemmed and rough chopped)
-about a tablespoon of olive oil

-a few pinches of salt
-1/4 cup water
optional: tablespoon nutritional yeast

how to:
-on a hot pan add cubed tempeh and cook until browned on all sides.
-remove from pan and set aside.
-add oil to pan and toss kale in.
-add water, give quick stir, and add a lid on top until kale wilts
-add salt and sauté until water is dissolved.
-add nutritional yeast if using
-combine with delicious Annie’s Mac and cheese!
-voila! yummy mix in monday!

Exciting right? Annie’s Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese is out on the shelves of your local Whole Foods now! Yum yum yum. Happy easy and fun mac and cheese eating, friends!

PS. This week (9/14 – 9/18) check out #anniesgoesvegan on Facebook! Head to their Facebook page to grab more vegan goodness all week.


  1. Nom nom nom nom! I bet you were amazed that you could actually eat this! Happy you can still have the odd little treat food 🙂


  2. This is amazing!! Great news! (And yay- Marlowe has bangs again and they are adorable) I am an Annie's fiend but I have never, not once mixed any extras into my mac n' cheese. It was like the formula was too perfect to even mess with… but kale and tempeh in there sound delish.

  3. #bestnewsi'veheardallday!
    We don't have a Whole Foods where I live, but Superstore carries some Annie's products so I'm crossing my fingers they pick this one up too!