So, I’ve been saying that I want to do this for well over a year now, maybe even a year and a half– but I’m finally following through with my own plans. You know that whole extra super busyness of writing a cookbook happened (yay cookbook!) and then the whole bedridden and homebound for months and month things happened. But now that life is finally settling into normal (omg yay), well I’m really freaking excited to get started in sharing (even more of) my absolute favorite things to do and places to see or whatchamacallits to check out. I get emailed quite a bit about what are some awesome things to do in South Florida. By friends in nearby cities, new residents, and of course, you South Florida tourist traveling’ folk.We’re not into a lot of chain type things, or typical box places, you guys know this. So I really want to share places that I really, really love. Places that are or can be favorites for you local guys too– or amazing stops to check out when you’re visiting the area 🙂 And if you’re not local and don’t plan to ever travel here, that’s cool too— most of the places I want to share are just nice eye candy and shop inspiration 🙂

And if you haven’t already, you can check out my South Florida section on the blog for other places I’ve already shared. And/or: A Kid Friendly Guide To South Florida, South Florida Bars That Don’t Suck, And (in need of of major update): Vegan Friendly Restaurants that I love.  <3<3

First up: Celis! I absolutely LOVE this place. I found Celis earlier this year, before that had a brick and mortar shop. We tried out their CSA share (scroll down for more info) before my diet became super restricted. With the new shop just minutes away, we now go in weekly for a quick vegetable, fruit, almond milk run. Or Marlowe and I stop by after school so she can get a smoothie and I can get a green juice (no apple please, extra ginger).

The best part they are exclusively organic! Amazing, right? I wish the shop was around when I was making the cookbook. It would be have been super convenient! Don’t quote me on this, but I believe they are the first exclusively organic produce market in the county. They have all the typical veggies we know, love, and typically buy as well as a bunch of other fun options that come in time to time (rambutans, kiwi berries, mamey, purple sweet potatoes!). They also have fun things like fermented cashew cheese and local kombucha!

The guys at Celis are so freaking nice. I love them all. It’s a family run company– the guys were all born and raised in west palm beach— and first generation American’s from Colombian parents, just like me 😉 A lot of the places and things I want to share belong to really nice and amazing people, but these guys are for sure some of the nicest. I really can’t boast more about this newer gem that opened up in the area. It makes me so happy to see a shop like this locally. It’s definitely worth a stop in. The vibe is so good in there.

That’s Alex^  I believe he thinks I’m completely crazy (but whatever). HI ALEX, sorry I told you that you wouldn’t be in photos. I lied (sort of).

purple sweet potatoes! we’ve been all about these lately!

Marlowe’s favorite spot to sit and drink smoothies.

(My) Alex and I are major nerds and got a little bit too excited about finding local organic rice in the shop. We had just had a discussion a few weeks prior about how it’s a bummer we can’t/dont grow rice locally– and then, *poof!* we were introduced to not only a local rice company, but a local organic one. Major winning.

mmmmm beautiful spices.

Every time we walk, they ask Marlowe how was school or what’s going on. And every time she plays shy– but then has no problem stepping behind the counter— silly girl.

Eggs! Supplied by the local farm we bought our chickens at! Happy we’ve met these happy chickens before 🙂 We still need to go get our new babies from them.

The other place you can find Celis—- at our West Palm green market! Last year they were tucked in the bottom back corner, but this year, they’re front and center by the fountains. We pop in, I tell Marlowe to go steal an apple, she stares at me hesitantly like seriously mom? And then I finally tell her that I’m kidding and we’re going to buy one. (Probably one of many reasons the owners think I’m crazy). I complained time and time again that our green market sucked– that there wasn’t enough produce or any organic produce. Last year it started getting better. This year the options are amazing. Celis is definitely one of my main stops though.

CSA stuff: I blogged about a CSA share I tried years ago– so long ago that I can’t at all remember or find the post. We then tried another one about two years ago. I was bummed out about both. The first one, the quality was terrrrbibleeee. The second one was a pain in the butt for us because of their weird pick up locations. But Celis actually drops the produce off right at your door! And it’s all organic, and the produce is good (we eat it here everyday). So if you’re local (between Jupiter and Boca) and looking for an all organic CSA option: BOOM Celis.

You can check out their CSA delivery location zones: HERE.

And find the shop here:
Celis Produce
2814 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
instagram: @celisproduce 

Alright— that’s it guys. If you’re local and haven’t heard of them check them out. I’m off to shower and wash the beach off me. Other than Marlowe once again getting sick this week (dumb dumb pre-school germs still, this time for sure), we had a great weekend! I actually got out of the house– A LOT! It was amazing. Hope you guys had a great weekend too <3

*A lot of these photos were taken by one of my favorite local photographers: Chelsae Anne. Thank you, Chelsae!


  1. We moved up to Vancouver, Washington, and the organic good stuff is aplenty here. Nothing beats good ole fresh stuff.

  2. It looks BRILLIANT, I absolutely love places like that, there's a certain happy feel to them when you go in isn't there. Sadly there's nowhere like that around here. There used to be one or two similar shops where I used to live, but where we are now the choice is much less. I do have a little space to grow things myself though. Swings and roundabouts. CJ xx