We go in and out of sleep stages with Marlowe. Mostly, I think we’d just love her to sleep an extra hour longer. We do the whole nighttime get out and go back to bed game for quite a while each night, usually. Sometimes, she can jump in and be asleep rather quickly, but other times it’s not whole bunch of “will you rub my tummy?”, “will you scratch my back?”, or “but my bed’s not comfy” lines. Her bed is one of the comfiest beds in the house. I mean, she could have better bedding, but still, it was pretty comfy before. With the age upgrade, we made a bedding upgrade for Miss M. We put the vintage half polyester sheets aside and put on some new bedding. Now she has no excuses for not going to bed, other than wanting a back scratch ;)Marlowe got herself some Sleep Number Bedding®– and now officially has the best bedding in the house 😉 The Sleep Number Sleep IQ Kids™ sheet set is awesome. Silly maybe, but I had no idea fitted sheets could be found like that– we an elastic at the bottom to keep the sheet neatly tucked in– and kicking feet unexposed. Marlowe is a super kicker at night (it’s a nightmare to sleep with her) so it’s awesome to find sheets that are going to keep her in tight and covered! Especially when the “winter” months come in Florida– and we get that cold front for one week– her room is the coldest room in the house and now I’ll finally have less worries on whether she is covered or not!

Her new cozy, ultra-light comforter is perfect too. It’s warm, but not too warm. And my favorite part: it’s hypoallergenic. I haven’t written about my allergy problems too much but I personally have some allergy issues since getting sick– so anything that is allergen friendly, I appreciate.

The fitted sheet and top sheet are crazy– in the best way. The Smart Button Bedding has extra elastics on all corners to ensure it doesn’t get pulled up. This is such a huge change compared to our vintage sheet– and probably something Alex and I should go out and get ourselves (they have it for kids and adults bedding). And the kids fitted sheet has buttons that allow you to help keep the top sheet snug in place. Button some or button them all– you get to decide your snugness.

We’re hoping all this extra and comfort keeps her sleeping longer. Or at the very least, we’re happy that it can convince her to not fight off the bedtime routine as much. She loves her new bedding– and is super happy that all the stars make her think of space and her bed at Abu’s house too 🙂

ps. you can locate a store HERE, if you’re not into shopping for bedding online 😉

*this post was sponsored by Sleep Number®


  1. Fun! Quick question, do you still love your 4sleep Bed- we just purchased one (should be here this weekend!) and wanted to get your thoughts on how it is holding up and if you still think it is just as comfortable as when you first reviewed- thanks you for any feedback you can provide!

  2. It looks lovely and comfy Drea, and a great idea to have those buttons. My eldest gets in such a huge tangle with his duvet every single night. I like that it's hypoallergenic as well. My youngest wakes up sneezing every single morning if his bedding isn't hypoallergenic, he will literally sneeze twenty times in a row and be really bunged up. Not the best way to wake up! CJ xx