Long time no see… well, longish. I guess, but only because I’m not one to skip too many days around here. But OH, WHAT A WEEK it’s been. My friend Steph and I joked today that we could just start calling this place “oh dear drama” —- because this has been by far the most intense, dramatic year ever, and theres no way of sharing some the current events of this year (and week) without it sounding like a bad lifetime movie or some over the top (non sexual) soap opera. You know? And this past week? Well, it’s been the cherry on top of it all. I started writing about it— but it all just seemed so incredibly ridiculous that I just had to stop myself, take a break, and focus on something that made me smile this past month… cause I’m just over everything else.

Like, another amazing small shop— I haven’t shared any favorite small shops in a while, I’m way over do. So here we go—- something not sucky, how wonderful are these patches from Asilda Store I recently found?  I’m glad to see patches and pins are making a comeback— they make my old ska and punk loving self happy. I really am living a life of adventure— even it’s completely mundane feeling or ridiculous, or gross and terrible at times— it truly is an adventure and I’m patiently reminding myself of that each day.

^^ basically what I’ve been doing each and every day^^^ breathing in, breathing out, and focusing on little things for my beautiful future. 

And with miss M getting a real jean jacket this year, it was time for some pins and patches, don’t you think? Hip kid, shaping the future. 

Amazing and adorable right? I’m a huge fan. Asilda actually added new pins to the shop since I got mine– but I definitely want to order more. Like, I LOVE this angel one for my mom. And this leather jacket one for Alex— though to be honest, I can’t exactly pin (haha) why that one makes me think of Alex so much, it just does. They actually have an etsy shop too. And even though I don’t shoot with film, I’m smitten with this small shop— and it’s message to slow down and enjoy the process. Breathing in and breathing out, remembering to do that every day.

You can shop Asilda HERE or learn more about their message via this video HERE. Or check out the owners wonderful photography site HERE.

And as for me and my week? Well, I’m trying to get myself together to write about it all– “unfortunate” might be how some would describe it, but for me? I’ll go with “ridiculous” for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with all my brain farts within the next day. I hope your week was amazing and I hope this next one is even better of you guys <3 HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. Hope you are having a better week this week! I love how patches are coming back, this shop has some great ones, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Love love love the look on her birthday jeans jacket!!! Makes a Great Aunt proud!!! XOXO

  3. Brilliant. I've had a few patches in my time as well. It seems like a while ago now… Sorry it's been a week of drama. I'm wishing you a week of calm and peace to make up for it. CJ xx

  4. Love this! I used to have a Jimi Hendrix patch on my backpack back in the day. Kind of miss it.