Do you guys remember that Giftry website I posted about forever ago? The one where I uploaded ten million of my favorite rugs to? Did you guys try it out? Did you love it?? Yes, it’s been super handy— but even better— there’s now a Giftry app! It’s super easy to use! And awesome because you can scan items right in while out! You couldn’t do that on the website!

Did you ever think “I’d love that!” or “that would be perfect for my mom”? But then forget the thing you were looking for when the holidays or birthdays came about? The Giftry app lets you add items to a wish list the minute you see it and stores it conveniently on the site so you can find it super easily later!

Or if you’re not shopping (online or otherwise) but starting to try to think of gift ideas for a special occasion then you can browse over 74,000 items in the Giftry database – all of which have been added by a user (like me! or you! or your bf!) to one of their lists!

You can even browse through *want lists* others created– so you KNOW you’re getting them the gift they wanted 🙂 Or create a gift list for you kid– and send it to grandma 😉

Download the app: HERE
or get the button for your computer: HERE


ps. pro tip: if you didn’t purchase already, The Plantiful Table is a great gift to add to your list 😉 😉 

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