Guys! Have you heard of Curiosity Stream?! It’s awesome! We just learned about it recently and are super excited– like, nerdy excited! You guys know we don’t have a TV, duh. And you guys know (you do, right?) that my absolutely favorite thing to watch is documentaries… and the occasionally really terrible trashy TV— but mostly documentaries 😉 Curiousity Stream is basically a boatload of documentaries (and interviews, lectures and performances)!

You can go through and pick your favorite topics to find hundreds of non-fiction, educational films. Hundreds! Science, technology, civilization, human spirit (and a bunch of sub-categories from there). Which basically means that— I wont be face-timing my mom at night anymore. (Sorry, mom. Love you.) 

It’s basically the amusement of the night when Alex comes home and is like “what are you reading?” or “what are you watching?” and I’m like, “oh nothing, just learning about a river that is so hot that it actual boils in the mountains of Peru” — or something along those lines. And then he calls me a nerd, which I totally am, and I go back to learning about everything and anything. 

Also, Curiosity Stream is completely ad free— thank god. I swear, if I was going to have to watch another commercial on another pharmaceutical drug I was going to throw the computer. I seriously lost it this month— commercial after commercial trying to hand out drugs for things that are completely and 100% reversible by proper diet. I’m digressing– there are no commercials— my computer’s safety has been restored. 

Marlowe and I have been geeking out over the nature section. We’re both excited and have a running list going of all the nature documentaries we want to watch 🙂  It’s wonderful to have a place where we can scroll through, pick a film together and I don’t have to worry about a bunch of terrible options calling to her— or a bunch of commercials trying to sell my kid things. Is this getting ranty? If it is, it’s only cause I’m excited. Check it out! And watch the “Madagascar The Lost Makay” when you do– it makes you want to be a scientist and go on an expedition. 

Oh and if your kid is older and can work a computer, there’s a Kid’s Mode feature with a password to keep it completely kid friendly. We’ve been watching all the episodes of Mind-blowing Breakthroughs– it’s been a great way to introduce M to all the different discoveries in science. I personally loved the one on microorganisms since I obviously talk to her about bacteria (good and bad!) a lot, haha 🙂 It’s been super nice during this mini cold front we had too– don’t get me wrong, the weather has been nice, but it’s good to have an extra excuse to cuddle up in bed and watch something 🙂 

Want a discount?? The first 100 readers can sign up for a free 30-day trial + 15% off your first 3 months, with coupon code “drea” when you click the link HERE.

Happy educational “tv” watching!


  1. This is so interesting, I'll have to take a look at it. I completely agree with you, whenever I find something like this where I can learn about everything and anything, I have a hard time doing anything else :P.

    If you're interested, another site with documentaries all about health and wellness that I've been loving is FMTV: It's from the people who created the Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentaries, and it's filled with documentaries about food and nutrition, body & mind, and even gardening (I watched a few of these over the holidays) along with recipe and workout series.

    Hope you're having a great week so far!