Have you guys heard of Interior Define?! I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you! It’s a super awesome, customizable sofa company! For someone like me, who cares A LOT (maybe too much?) about details– this is SO rad! You can customize the size, configuration, materials, legs, cushion fill, just about everything you want to fit your style!Since everything is made to order it cuts out retail mark ups leaving consumers with prices 30-40% less than comparable retailers 🙂 And most importantly, their sofas look not only really rad, but really comfy too! Most styles are available in 40-60 fabric options. A ton of options are available online, but you an always call customer service for a ton of other options! Amazing, right? SO MANY OPTIONS. Or if you live in Chicago you can always visit their flagship showroom…… and say hi to Oprah for me. She still lives in Chicago, right? Maybe.

There are a ton of different styles to choose from—  I put together a list of favorites (chose the colors, styles, legs, everything). You can look through all my favorites: HERE. I chose one similar to this one ^ but smaller— and white legs. So fun and so easy right. Choose your favorite style!

Get some free swatches and choose you favorite color/fabric.
But seriously you should— all the textures are so different! It’s really, really nice to see them in person. I really love that green one and the white. and not so much the red. But I already talked about how I don’t like red last week. And hey, they’re free! Click HERE to get your own!

Choose your favorite legs!  I’m partial to all the wooden leg options.

Choose your favorite dog. Wait…. no….

And tada! you have the perfect couch to fit in your space!

You guys might find this hard to believe— since I’ve had 5 floral couches since I started my blog, but sometimes I really want an un-patterned couch. But only so I can throw on a bunch of different textiles, pillows, and patterns— it’s quite hard with a floral couch 🙂 Maybe the next one! I’d want a grey or a forest green probably (like the middle swatch below)– so in love with forest green lately.


ANYWAY! Do you guys want to win your own couch!?!? Enter to win 1,000$ credit to Interior Define by clicking HERE. Enter your email, pick your favorite couch and come back here leaving a link in the comment! THATS IT!

The giveaway ends in one week. I’ll pick a winner from the comment section and announce it on the blog 🙂 Hooray!

Want a discount? Get $100 off any order over $1,000! Use code: OD100 upon checkout

*Discount offer ends 4/15/14
Good luck! Happy couch shopping 🙂
*Rules: Giveaway open to continental US readers only. Entrants must register their email address $1000 credit must be used toward a chair or couch purchase. Credit must be used in a single purchase. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee.
Giveaway ends 1 week from post date on 3/23/16. Giveaway winner will be randomly selected from the comment section, emailed by Oh Dear Drea, and announced on Oh Dear Drea’s site. Credit must be used by 12/31/16.


  1. These sofas are beautiful, i think this one might be my favorite: http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/lucy-linen-229
    i like the forest green color too! I just moved from portland to boise with my husband and little girl and couch hunting is at the top of our list– we've never bought a not second hand couch so it would be an exciting upgrade!
    p.s. went to the bernie sanders rally today and it was AWESOME. he is such a good man and i think he's gonna do it. 🙂

  2. Oh damn, this was too much fun and a total time-suck, but I think I finally nailed it: SLOAN in Narwhal Mod Velvet (because cats) with Oiled Walnut legs. Legitimately, the purrrfect couch for us. Great giveaway Drea! *meow forever*

  3. This is an AMAZING giveaway! I am in love with the Kelley sofa with chaise, but I'm torn between Ash and Robin's Egg.

  4. I'm loving the Sloan with the left chaise in Saphire mod velvet with brass plated legs. It'd be perfect for our mid-century home that's been 5 months couch-less since we can't find a good one we can afford! We could finally have people over!!

  5. We haven't had a couch for almost 2 years now! Our last couch couldn't fit up the stairs to our new apartment 🙁 My husband and I would LOVE a couch! Something about cushions on the floor just doesn't quite cut it….

    My favorite was hard to choose, but: http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/gray#NT-62893-6/ <<< That one just looks SO comfy!

  6. I absolutely love the Crawford in the oxford blue velvet. Rich and gorgeous! I love how the seat of the sectional is not made of separate cushions that slide around. This looks sturdy, yet elegant.

  7. OHH, my favorite is the Grey couch in Oxford blue but I don't know if it will really go in my space. I'll have to order swatches to see.

  8. Last spring we bought a new sofa and it arrived with a warning label explaining that it could cause CANCER…how crazy is that!? It sure would be a peace of mind to have a safe sofa and I just love, love the beautiful Rose sofa. I would pick the Sapphire Mod Velvet fabric and the White Oak legs. It epitomizes bohemian meets classic to me. http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/rose

  9. The Lucy sofa in Sailcloth would be a dream! Our couch is on its last legs after multiple overseas moves, so this giveaway would be amazing!

  10. whaaaaaaaat?!? a couch giveaway? how amazing! my family is moving to Chicago this summer and we are actually in the market for a new sofa. the price on these sofas is actually really great for being able to customize it all. here's the one I like: http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/asher#NT-6013-4/Leg002-4 it makes me feel boring, especially compared to drea's bright interior style, but what can I say. I like boring 🙂

  11. The Sloane in Ruby would be perfect for starting over in a new attitude and a new home

  12. I love the Shelter Slipcover chair — and I know exactly where I would put it!

  13. http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/lucy-linen-229#LK-14342-43/

    I love this one! We need a new couch so badly, as in the springs on our couch broke and the seams are ripped and you get the picture. But with a baby on the way and planning a move this summer, a new couch has landed way on the bottom of our budget. But it's the thing you look at everyday and as a stay at home mom my house is my place and it would be Amazing if I had a new beautiful couch to nurse this baby on:)

  14. We're about to pick up and move to a new city, so winning this would not be more perfect in terms of timing (and needing a pick me up as we move further away from family). I like them all! But maybe the Owens best? http://www.interiordefine.com/owens

  15. I've been struggling to rebuild my life for my son and I after getting out of the Army. We don't have much nor can we afford anything that's not an absolute necessity. Sharing an old futon that serves as a bed and a sofa with your son can be demoralizing so this would be a huge boost to our life.

    http://www.interiordefine.com/gray-69 In turmeric because of the fun retro color and because it's the most affordable.

  16. http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/rose#LK-14342-25/Leg005-2 The Rose!!! I just moved 1,300 miles away from all my friends & loved ones to work for wind turbines & HATE my current couch. It's 3 shades of puke brown. I would love to donate it to someone in need & replace it with something that matches my eclectic aesthetic better. The Rose is PERFECT. I can't decide what color. I think I like the sapphire velvet. I'll need you to come see my space & tell me what would be best. The Citrine really speaks to me. Will people hate a mustard colored couch? I think I would love it.

  17. I am in SUCH DESPERATE NEED OF A COUCH RIGHT NOW! We recently moved cross country and bought a house and our furniture is still at my in-laws in South Dakota so we don't know when we'll get it back! We've been using my parents' old reject loveseat and it is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on… our new house was built in the seventies so we're going for that seventies modern/bohemian vibe. I love the Sloan in cerulean blue: http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/sloan-chaise-rt#NT-6013-17/Leg008-1

  18. Ahhhh!! This is an awesome giveaway! My boyfriend and I just bought our first house together so a new couch would just be amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  19. Ahhhh!! This is an awesome giveaway! My boyfriend and I just bought our first house together so a new couch would just be amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  20. I sooo hope I win this…my puppies are my sofa��http://www.interiordefine.com/checkout/cart/

  21. This is such a great giveaway! I like the Sloan – it looks like it's small enough to fit in our apartment while wide enough to cuddle while watching Netflix. Way too many color options, I would have to check out swatches. While I love the wood legs I think future puppies might too. It would be great to win a couch – I could then pay it forward and give away our ikea couch!

  22. OMg I would love to win this. I am moving back to the States in 2 months so consider me a continental US entry please!!! We are moving so we need furniture and the Sloan in graphite with Oiled Walnut legs is just what I was looking for!!!!!

  23. I desperately need a new couch, it's gotten bad and it's one of my most loved parts of my home, especially laying there under the windows in the spring. I have been so lucky to travel and I always bring home textiles from the places I've backpacked. Would love to sew up some fun, super colorful pillows to plop on the Sloan in that Cerulean Blue. If only my teeny tiny Northern California apartment, and I, were fancy enough for the velvet though…swoon.

  24. We just started apartment hunting, and thus, furniture shopping. I die over the Ainsley!

  25. The Rose in either citrine (it's such a classic, unusual color) or narwhale (because it's grey and called narwhale and both of those things = awesomeness). We are getting rid of our old couch in the next few weeks because after 10 years, more senior dogs/cats than one can count (15+ with more on the way I'm sure…we foster a lot), a gazillion cleanings (luckily, it's pleather), 3 moves and a big ol' tear in one of the cushions (the catalyst for a new couch!) the thing has had it. It would be such a lovely treat to have a nice new and *stylish* sofa to lounge on. *dreams of new couch untouched by human hands or doggy/kitty paws* Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  26. Sloan in tumeric!! (what's not great with a little extra turmeric 😉

  27. This is an amazing giveaway! I've never entered a giveaway before but my husband and I have been dreaming of a new couch! Our current one is in rough shape since it's our dog's favorite place to sleep 🙂 We actually couch shopped this summer (I waddled my pregnant self all around multiple stores) but decided to hold off getting something new in order to keep saving up for our baby. That was honestly very wise as the first few weeks as a new mom learning to breastfeed resulted in more grossness on our couch haha! But we've got our sweet girl and winning this would be amazing! I LOVE the Sloan couch: http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/sloan-chaise-rt

    It'd be perfect for our living room. I'm loving the graphite color but there are so many great shades it's hard to pick just one.

  28. Wow! This is amazing. I love the Rose couch (and Kelley because, well, that's my name). We've been looking into getting a new couch and it would be awesome to win the giveaway. Thanks for the chance!