We did it! We went BOLD. I told you, right? Super bold! My first home in Florida (long before this blog) was a lime green and orange-pink, but, other than that, I haven’t done a bold color in years. I mean, I’m obviously not scared of color, haha. We have it EVERYWHERE. But this was a bigger change for our home– we think so, anyway. You can see our previous paint post HERE and the previous tour HERE.

Honestly, I would have done pink, but we’re planning to paint the exterior pink, so it may have been a bit too much to make the interior pink too 😉 

As mentioned, we used Valspar’s Zero VOC* paint for the walls. I know I said it already, but it makes me super happy when large companies start transitioning to more earth-friendly options. You definitely don’t want VOC’s in your home, (Volatile Organic Compounds) and, if you can avoid it, then why wouldn’t you, you know? We’re already overloaded with chemicals everywhere, so if you can choose to stay away from unnecessary chemicals, like VOC’s, then do it!! Valspar is the first paint company to offer a full line of zero VOC interior paints at a home improvement retailer sold exclusively at Lowes.

We debated painting all the walls and hallway green, but I’m happy we didn’t. I think this is the perfect amount of pop without being entirely overwhelming 🙂 We actually went to the store and chose three different colors. I chose this one (cosmic green), Alex chose a slightly more green one (green galore), and Marlowe chose a more blue/teal one (rainforest mist). We’re going to probably use the paint Alex chose in the weird dark space behind the fridge. We’ll see.


a bedroom tour, if you missed it 🙂
So, what do you guys think? We were a bit nervous at first— before and after we painted, but, as the days went on, we all decided it was a fun improvement in our space 🙂 We also changed up the gallery wall a bit too, if you didn’t notice. Fewer pieces, larger pieces. I figured with a bolder wall color we’d want less clutter on the wall. I’m also a big fan of the fact that a lot the art up there is sentimental 🙂 Weeeee happy, healthy, green!
photos by my wonderful (not annoying at all) friend, Julian Cousins.
*This post is sponsored by Valspar paint.
*This product contains 0 g/L VOC as calculated within the margin of error by EPA Method 24
Valspar helps you breathe easy


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing! I mean, really, really thanks! I have been trying to decide whether to use this color on my own dining/kitchen area walls and now I am definitely all for it. It looks so happy-making!

  2. Love your house! Where is your hanging thing from in the last picture and those woven baskets on your wall? Thanks!

  3. Love, love, love you home tours. The green is gorgeous…makes me wish I wasn't renting so I could paint it fun colors!

  4. Oh my god, i LOVE it! it looks so beautiful and it's a great green that goes well with all your other colors. and thanks for the link to the rug, i just bought it. 😉 the gallery wall looks great too, i agree that less clutter looks better with the bold color. i love it all. -Tina

  5. Hi,

    I usually enjoy reading your blog, but please read a little more about VOCs in the future. Certainly, VOCs in paint (like formaldehyde) can be dangerous. However, virtually all scents are also VOCs. VOCs are just compounds that have very low boiling points, and should not be unilaterally demonized. The curry scent you profess to love is a VOC for example!