Hi friends! How is your week going? We did end up going to to the drive in tonight– not banana cream pie yet — but we did by the ingredients needed to make it though! I can’t believe wednesday is coming up. This week was so busy and fast and slow at the same time. I’ve been sort of emotional today. I mean, it’s primarily hormones, but I also do feel pretty overwhelmed by everything going on in the world and in the US right now. As mentioned, we don’t really have plans to celebrate thanksgiving– and I feel really good about that. And we’re obviously not going o be standing in any early morning lines or late evening thursday lines to buy things. Marlowe and I have actually been crafting like crazy lately. Coloring, pom poms, photo frames, and now our own little planter. When we were parting with pieces in our dining room, Marlowe brought up a christmas tree. When I told her we wouldn’t begetting a christmas tree this year, just like last year, she asked, “well can we atlas buy a tree to plant again, and maybe decorate that? maybe a banana tree again?” And I was like, “sure kid, lets do a rosemary bush!”And thats what we did. If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about the super easy (and cheap) DIYS right now. But their fun, and easy enough o accomplish in one fun time period– and not overwhelming– so basically their a win all around yeah?

So you know how I told you guys about Orchard Hardware a few weeks ago? They’re opening more and more stores in Florida– and slowly creeping their way closer to West Palm. Well, this friday they are hosting a “Make Friday” event. You can head into Orchard Hardware and make some craft fun! On friday you can choose to create your own terra-cotta mini “christmas tree” (aka) rosemary bush planter and/or mason jar luminaria and/or fun kids craft (paint stick snowmen and reindeer!). Depending on how the weather is and how we feel, we might be making the kids craft this week too 🙂 So yeah, if you’re near an Orchard Hardware, skip the Black friday lines and head in to MAKE something this friday! Either way here’s a second fun and easy DIY you guys can make this week 🙂

Orchard has a pretty killer garden center– and had some of the cutest decorating decor too.

And and duh, did I mention it here? We got to meet the Scott Brothers (from the show, Property Brothers, duh) for the book signing! My family all freaked out, haha. But yeah, they were super sweet! Marlowe was super shy (as always) but they we’re sweet and tried to get her unsay and get her to smile 🙂 It was cool– my biggest regret was not snap chatting with them (and asking them to be my friend).

After we met the guys we picked up all the supplies we needed to make our painted planter for our christmas bush 🙂 The reality is the rosemary bush comes wrapped cute enough that you don’t need to do anythingggg to it, but we really like painting projects around here 🙂 And we can re-use the planter when the bush ends up going in the ground (and into my soup). So yeah, I let Marlowe paint away.

Then as the paint dried (we brought the pot outside to dry faster– but its substantially warmer here than it is most places), we started making loops for the OHS ornaments.

About 20-30 minutes later, our planter was ready and Marlowe had at it with a gold sharpie.

The hung the ornaments and voila, the cutest christmas tree— that be be re-used, planted, and eaten. 🙂

Alright friends, I’m off! If you’re feeling crafty– or like you want to garden or anything, definitely head over to Orchard Hardware this friday where you can take part in some fun Make Friday activities! I hope you’re having a great week and have an even better week ahead <3<3

*this post is sponsored by orchard hardware


  1. This is so so sweet! you'll make me go outside and decorate all rosemary, lavender and thyme bushes we have XP

  2. Really lovely shaped rosemary bush. They smell divine don't they, and great for bees as well. Love how it's going to be a temporary Christmas tree first though. Marlowe's made a beautiful job of the pot. CJ xx