So some of you might remember that I vowed to only buy earth friendly clothing this year. I wanted items that were sustainable, organic, eco-friendly, etc.

I’ve stuck to it. It’s been hard at times, but I’ve done it.

It obviously and absolutely helps to see more and more companies emerging with conscious clothing. I remember a discussion with my mom the other day where she brought up, “well, I’m not going to eat my clothes so why does it matter if they’re organic?” Well, because it matters.

It matters how things are made, how the fabrics are produced, who made them, etc. It all matters.

I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Matter clothing. Socially conscious, SO many organic options, sustainable, and best of all: the most comfortable (and amazing) slow fashion.

You guys know me– I’m not dressing to impress everyday. I just want to look nice, put together, and of course: be comfortable. I’m so happy that Matter fits all those must have categories AND my conscious clothing vow.

Seriously. Look at these pants. LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE AMAZING. Okay, I’ll stop yelling at you, but seriously…. The most comfortable pants ever— and so easily dressed up or down (this would be dressed down for me. aka normal day.). You could totally wear these with a nice chunky heel, nice shirt, pretty necklace, and boom, be dressed up too.

I don’t really have reasons to dress up (not complaining) so I’ll happily wear them every day with my normal tops and slide on shoes.

But seriously. So cool, so comfortable, and so nice. It’s basically wearing clothes that feel like pajamas, while looking extremely nice. I swear. And so many colors too. I’m probably going to buy the white ones next (and never wear them while eating… or cooking… or doing any of my normal activities because I’m a slob and spill on myself constantly).

The greedy side of me would also like this jumpsuitthis top, and these pants too.

It’s just that, I want to always make every purchase count. I want clothes that are versatile and will work whether I’m here in Florida or somewhere far away. I want clothes that can last through the seasons— seasonal seasons and the unnecessarily fast moving clothing industry seasons). Clothes that do no harm to the earth and to the people who make them.

I don’t know, I’ll never be perfect. And every single purchase I make for the rest of my life may not be perfect, but I do know that every little effort makes a difference. And I’m so so so grateful to see so many companies popping up with amazing options. I’m forever grateful that I found Matter this year. Their clothes are long lasting, multi-seasonal perfection. I can’t wait to wear these pants everywhere (get used to seeing them in a lot of photos, haha). Looking forward to slowly filling my closet with more thoughtful pieces from Matter as my wardrobe needs 🙂

Looking for some nice new pieces? Check Matter out for sure. You will not be disappointed 🙂

I hope you guys had an AMAZING weekend. Ours was really good– exhausting in the good way. Lots of sunshine, dirt, sand, and laughter. You know, the way weekends should be 🙂 Happy Monday, friends!

ps. doing a giveaway this week on the blog with these guys. Keep an eye out for that!

photos by my friend, brittany de jesus— who I went canoeing with today and ended up in many bushes and trees with.

shoes/sunglasses/ both hat and shirt were thrifted <3

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