It’s been a week since we left home.  And one week since we arrived to Guatemala.  That statement doesn’t align with my sentiments. But honestly, I can’t tell you if it feels like it’s been a shorter amount of time or a longer amount of time. I have mixed feelings about time anyway, so who really cares. Physically, we’ve been away a week. Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve thought much about Florida and home there.

When I think about missing my friends and family, I remind myself that they can visit or we’ll see them when we head home. But outside of my relationships? I’m not sure that there’s much for me to miss. Maybe the beach. But I chose Guatemala over Florida for a lot of reasons. And when I weighted everything out, I knew that I could miss the beach, but live without it. At least for a while.

I’m not sure Alex misses anything. I just asked him. He can’t think of an answer other than Jerry. We all miss Jerry. For Marlowe, that for sure has been the hardest part. She’s been so happy being away. But one night– after a VERY long and hard hike and pure exhaustion she broke down in tears about Jerry. We assured him that he was happy and we’d figure out how to get him here once e get settled– but no amount of convincing could make her feel better. Not that night anyway. The next morning she woke up refreshed (and puffy faced), but felt a lot better again.

So we’re good. I mean, we’ve had vacations longer than a week, so I can’t speak too soon— especially not for Marlowe and Alex, but for me, I’m good. I’m always grateful for a comfortable  bed, nourishing food that works in my stomach, and a warm shower. We’re good.

The photo above was from Marlowe’s birthday party at my dads house. She had all her little friends over and had the best time. We did too.

Alex has done that thing he did in colombia– he stays in bed a long time. He wouldn’t linger in bed too long at home– he was up and out. But here in the chilly mornings? He’s a statue until he can muster enough warmth to get up. For me? I get up fine. We have all sort of creatures in our room here in the lake– and it’s definitely cold for us Floridians, but I’ll take it to have open windows and birds constantly singing.

The beach might end up being the thing I miss most. Waking up on the lake is awesome, but I know it’s not going to give me that salt ocean feel.


her at the beach.
snacks on the bed. I actually sort of miss cooking, haha.But we’ve all been eating well, so I have no complaints.
These things are everywhere in Guatemala. So CHA-CHING.
Hi. We did have some nice markets in Florida too 🙂

I just love her.

starfruit from our garden.

her fashion designs! She had been sewing (and stapling haha) up a storm back home. I love that she will be around by so many talented people sewing and weaving here in Guatemala. I’m totally going to sign her up for some classes once we get settled 🙂

totally normal.

The beach. Have I said that yet? hahaha. I have a friend who moved away from the beach and she has mentioned the beach almost everyday since then. I wonder if I will turn into her 😉 I don’t think so though– truthfully, I think she loved it more than me. Like I said, I think there’s a good trade-off here. And the beach is really only a day trip away 😉 I’m looking forward to exploring everything Guatemala has to offer– I’ll see you soon, beach.


  1. Laurali Star

    I definitely wouldn’t miss the beach that much either. I’ve always considered myself a mermaid who lives in the woodlands and mountains, lol

    ~Laurali Star

  2. i must be the friend who misses the beach…..