I was with a friend of mine the day before we left for Mexico, and I told her, “I’m going to do a post on my blog about natural lube and sex product options.” I wanted to gauge her response to this. She quickly answered, “Good! I mean, everyone uses it, so you should!” And the reality is, I’m not sure that everyone uses lube, haha, but if you are using lube, you should totally and completely be using a natural option!

Let’s be real, if you avoid (which you should) putting chemicals ON your body, then why would you ever put potentially dangerous and unnatural options IN your body?! That’s just crazy talk. Our lady parts are a delicate and important creature on our body and we should be doing what we can to nurture these parts and not irritate them. Right? Right!

I wrote about the LOLA brand a while ago (you can see it HERE). LOLA is awesome– a brand founded by women for women. And I’m super happy to tell you guys that not only do they have a great selection of organic feminine care products, but now they also have sexual health products as well! Hooray safe natural sex!

And with the brand being by women, they understand how incredibly important it is to maintain a healthy PH balance down there! (It’s really freaking important guys). To keep a healthy and happy vaginal system going, we need a strong, mostly acidic PH level. Many of todays women care products totally damage our PH, causing even more serious problems. And then combine that with that extra low PH of sperm/semen… well, our vagina’s need all the extra love they can get.

The Sex by LOLA features three awesome sexual health items—

Vegan condoms made with natural rubber latex!

I’ll be totally honest, we definitely don’t use condoms #marriedprivilage, but if you do use condoms, you should be using natural ones! LOLA’s condoms are made from natural rubber latex, lubricated, low odor, and vegan!  They are free of all unnecessary additives like: parabens, nitrosamines, casein, gluten, GMOs, glycerin, synthetic colorants, synthetic flavor, or fragrance! Phew! That’s a lot of junk that doesn’t need to be in or around your body. Oh, and their super thin too, so you’re welcome.

Vegan lubricant made with organic aloe leaf juice!

Water-based and made with aloe vera! Free of: parabens, petrochemicals, glycerin, synthetic flavor, or fragrance. Also made with a healthy PH in mind and no junky chemicals.

Natural Cleansing Wipes!

The first all natural cleansing wipe of its kind! 100% natural formulation; made with bamboo soaked in a purified water system. They are also individually wrapped for easy transport 😉 They are made without alcohol, parabens, bleach, sulfates, dyes, synthetic preservatives like sodium benzoate, or synthetic fragrance! They help replenish moisture, without damaging your PH levels.

The thing is, sex is a totally normal and important thing in our lives. It can also feel sort of complicated at times too. There’s no need to have to stress about extra, unnecessary details if you don’t need to.

The Sex by LOLA items are a great way to continue to have safe sex with your partner, without the worrying question of “what chemicals are getting insanely too close to my body?” It’s time to enjoy sex… and have it safely too 😉

You can totally put in a one-off order or you can order via subscription. Depends on how frisky you are going to get, I guess. Haha. And if you already have a period subscription, then you can just add it to that 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out LOLA, visit their website HERE and sign up! The first 50 readers will receive 40% off their order with the code: DREA.  Available in the US only, excludes Hawaii & Alaska).

ps. I sent my mom three photos of me and said “which photo of your daughter sitting next to condoms do you like better?” she chose the last one. I’m a great daughter and don’t drive her nuts at all 😉

Cheers friends! Happy healthy, happy, sex having 😉

*this post was sponsored by LOLA. 



  1. Laura Huey

    Hey, Drea! I believe a ton of vaginal dryness is due to the hormonal birth controls so many women are on. I experienced firsthand, this side effect when on the Depo shot and the pill. Later in life I am pretty appalled at all the negative, damaging effects of the birth controls I and so many others blindly just accepted. We try hard to be mindful and conscious of everything we put in and on our bodies until it comes to this area it seems. Game changer was for us was learning about NFP. Natural family planning (NFP) is fertility awareness, which is simply knowledge of a couple’s fertility. It is a means of reading the body’s signs of fertility and infertility.

  2. Off topic, but where are your trousers from?!

  3. this post made me lol. i love how matter-of-fact you are. also love that you’re sharing this info because not many bloggers do. i’ve been using their tampons and love the brand and am excited to look into these new products!!