I was putting together an email to send out to my subscriber list (it’s been a while, I know). And it got me thinking about all sorts of things to share. I mean, I had already shared the important stuff there, but I thought it would be fun to continue my thoughts and share another random thought post, you know? So let’s go!

  • First things first, if you haven’t signed up for my email list– then maybe you should! Right now the only email that go out are a weekly automated email with whatever new blog posts are on the blog. And then, sometimes but rarely I’ll send out a bigger email with exciting news going on. We have a lot of things going on– a lot that I haven’t even shared with friends. Not because it’s a secret, but just because I’ve run around so much I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and have good conversations. Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent. I wanted to figure out how to create two email lists– one for people who want to get all the blog updates and life updates. And one for people who just want the life updates. I was going to put out. call to ask you guys for help, but then I realized that I can’t afford to build a monthly subscriber list anyway, haha. 50-200$ a month to host a subscription list? Nope. Not happening. I’ll still with blogging and sending out an occasional email to a small group. If you want to be part of that small group, you can click HERE.
  • I made a purchase on eBay this week. Alex came by me later and was like, “what are you doing?” I answered, super casually, “buying something on eBay.” He was like, WHAT. When is the last time you bought something on eBay?!?!!?” TWELVE YEARS AGO, GUYS. Crazy right? He didn’t even know eBay still existed, haha. I only know cause I have a friend who sells her stuff there all the time. The last time I was on eBay it was to buy a weaving loom that was half the size of my car, haha. Anyway I made a purchase (a secondhand bag if you’re wondering). But the funny thing about it? (Or maybe the crazy thing) My used purchase cost more than a new bag on the company website. I’m really ridiculous, I know. Alex + friends tell me all the time that I need my own tv show for how ridiculous I am– but it’s just that I wanted to make sure that my purchase was the most sustainable option. So I bought the more expensive, used bag. Even more ridiculous: I had worked with the company before (they sell vegan travel bags), and so I could have totally reached out to them and they more than likely would have sent me the bag for free. But I didn’t do that, because that defeats the whole secondhand sustainable purchase, ya know? I’m a crazy over thinker, I know.  Sustainable for the earth, yes. Sustainable for my wallet? Maybe not so much. Anyway, I think I’ll be using eBay more often from here on out. Not that I plan on making a lot of purchases, but if I do need something, it seems like a good place to start for being more sustainable through secondhand purchases. And no, this is in no way sponsored by eBay.
  • Marlowe and I are heading to Mexico in 10-ish days! Super excited. My friend Raha will be joining a few days later. I’m very much looking forward to this trip. Slightly nervous too, as I heard norovirus runs rampant through the state we’re heading, but we’ll see. All we can do is live and hope for the best.
  • I bought a lipstick this week. It was a big deal. I’m not sure what got into me. I’m pretty sure I can blame my friend Sammie for this one. I watch her makeup stories on her instagram everyday. It feels like a weird purchase, somehow.  Maybe… 1. because I’m just crazy. 2. because it’s something I wanted, and definitely DID NOT need. 3. because the last lipstick I bought was about 8-9 years ago — it was a great lip color, but definitely not a clean beauty product. Oh and! 4. I bought the lipstick online I was super nervous that the color would be off and I would hate it. …..But no! It came and I think it’s a great color! You can check it out here— or later on my face at some point 😉 Oh and I bought a new eyeliner too. I figured I should try it while I was making my lipstick purchase. But the bad news? I hated it. When it comes to buying my staples, I’ll be sticking to my already loved makeup basics next time.
  • I bought some pretty items in mexico and colombia to sell on this space. But I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to actually set my shop back up and sell them. Maybe one day.
  • Two shows I’ve loved recently: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (on amazon) and Sex Education (on Netflix). Thank you to my friends who suggested them to me! If you have show recs– please, please share! I watch teen mom regularly, but other than that I’m always on the hunt for a decent show to watch when I need to tune out for a minute. (Not that teen mom is decent).
  • I’ve gone in and out of posting sponsored stuff and then taking a good break from it. Well, I mostly post when I’m home and break while I’m away (but not always). I’ve posted a bit more sponsored stuff this week (mostly on insta), but honestly I’m feeling good about it lately– because they are all really freaking amazing brands. I turn down 98% of the email offers I receive, but really love the ones I end up saying yes to, especially lately. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it feels good to be in a place to do that. I don’t have to hustle– I can say yes or no– and end up with really wonderful jobs. My biggest problem with the sponsored stuff these days is that I have a lot of non sponsored stuff to share, but anything I recommend always feels sponsored, even when it’s not. Like eBay, heh.

  • The best part about being a fruitarian? Not cooking. Most days do end with a cooked meal, but the days that go by where all we’ve eaten is fruit are the real best– so little clean up, so little time in the kitchen. Such a win. I want to do a post soon about fruitarian eating– so if you guys have specific questions on that, feel free to send them my way and I can try to answer in post!
  • I’m still holding on strong to the no grey hair thing (I’ve had two ever), but my hair is turning blonder and blonder these days. I get asked so often by you guys what color I use to dye it– I definitely don’t dye it! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done that. But since we started watching Sex Education, Alex has hinted that I would look great with pink hair– and I think it would be super fun for a hot minute, but bleaching my hair again is just not something I’m going to get into. (Sorry babe).
  • My friend Brandy sent me a sweatshirt/cardigan thing from her company, Wear Franc last month. It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on. Seriously. We’re going to do a giveaway soon! As soon as I can take a photo in it. It’s been raining too much for cute photos. Actually, it didn’t rain today– but Alex was at work and I’m too lazy for a self timer these days. But it’s going to happen guys! Update: I took photos yesterday! Giveaway coming soon!
  • We bought this book for Marlowe yesterday. It’s awesome. Having a kid is awesome. Showing a kid the world is awesome. I really want to put together a post of our favorite kids books these days. Not the novels she’s reading (though I could do that if you guys want), but the fun and amazing educational type books we’ve collected over the last year or so. There are so many amazing books out there.

Whoa! 11 random things went by fast!  Sometimes my mind goes blank when I write these things– but now I could go to 22 or 33 random things, haha! I guess I’ll have to do this again next week 🙂 Alright friends! Those are some of the thoughts swirling in my head right now! I hope you’re well. I’m glad to be back here sharing my weirdo brain with you guys 🙂 Cheers!

pssst. ps. I already posted that living room photo on insta, but the floors look so good right? really digging them!

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