OH MY GOODNESS! I came on here with a bunch of posts in mind to create (and I still have a bunch in draft, like always), but I just found this post! I thought I had posted this a month ago! But no! I apparently did not. Well, friends, here is a sunny, colorful, very happy, pictures-of-recently-enjoyed-february-never-on-time-things post that got lost in the mix somehow.

Home school time. For a while Alex was doing most of the home school. But ever since we got back from Mexico / Colombia it’s about half and half. Wasn’t discussed, it just transitioned somehow. It’s cool.

Dressing has been different lately. I noticed when I travel I have more fun getting dressed. And when I’m home I put on the same jeans and same shirt a million times in a row. I think it’s because when I travel I want to be sure I make better use of what I brought. Trying to put that idea into my everyday life too. When it gets cold, I steal Alex’s long sleeves though.
Sweet girl between a banana tree. Still really digging our pink.

My fruit holder.

Wonky mirrors.


Delicious gifts. (recipe here)

Apartment hunting. She really liked this one. It was decent, but I’d like to be closer to downtown. (Click here if you’re confused).

Still taking photos of my feet.

Sunshine and salt. Obsessed with both.

He’s cute. Even if he sweeps away all my flowers.

that head out the sun roof breeze.


Well friends– I hope you’re well! I have a load of posts coming up: what marlowe eats, more London stuff, mexico, colombia, crafting, our trip to final cut, c. diff, apartment stuff, food guide, maybe a recipe, and more! Cheers!

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  1. These are my favorite kind of posts 🙂
    And I don’t really care even if they are from six months ago, they always brighten up my day!