“A Hike From San Pancho To Sayulita Mexico” — This is probably a terrible title name for this post, but honestly, I can’t think of anything more fitting. And on this day, we did in fact hike. I mean, there were no steep cliffs or difficult terrain– we could have done the walk in our slides, but still, we hiked. Also, this is probably a terrible name for the post since at least…

Okay. I stopped typing and added, “San Pancho Farmers Market” because while we did hike on this day… at least half (or more) of these photos actually took place at the San Panchos farmers market. While I can’t say I was super impressed by the market (it was a fine market, but it didn’t blow me away), I can say this was a great day. And I’d happily relive this day in a heartbeat.
Marlowe’s camp ended around two each day (I forget the exact time). And each afternoon we’d walk to the kid center and scoop her up. But this day, a Wednesday, we were instructed to scoop up our kids at the farmers market in town. Each parent would leave their kids at the camp wit a bit of money that they could use while they explored the market. I’m not sure the exact amount of pesos I left Marlowe with. But I was impressed, and maybe slightly confused when her purchase of choice was a cup of orange juice.

I mean, on one hand, I was pretty proud that she opted to stay away from material things she didn’t need, on the other, I was slightly nervous knowing she bought juice from the market without me examining the vendor first. But hey, she survived. And thrived. We still have yet to experience anything as awful as the bacteria we experienced in Nepal. Thankfully.

She knew better than making silly purchases from our lessons at home, but I was happy to hear the camp had done a lesson on making mindful purchases before the farmers market. Do I want it? Do I need it? Do I have something similar at home? Is it made of plastic? all great questions when purchasing anything.

Please note, she’s the only one in pants again.

I’d like to point out my love for Raha. How I can stop paying attention for a few minutes and turn around to find her doing acro-yoga with strangers. No fear, she dives in.

Traveling with Marlowe makes me happy for a multitude of reasons. But one of the reasons is how easily she makes friends across the world. She became friends with basically everyone at her camp, but then also made friends with the local kids too. Oh and the puppies of course.  If you don’t like dogs, this might be a terrible town to visit– as most just roam the streets without a leash or family tied to the leash. We never encountered any aggressive dogs– mostly roaming adults and the cutest puppies.

On Wednesday’s we wear yellow.

So yeah, we scooped Marlowe up from camp. Walked back to our little rental, Marlowe changed out of her pants (smart move), we headed to Brians house to scoop him up and made our way to the hike.

Most of the hike looked like this.

Unfortunately, there is a stretch of highway you do have to walk on to start this hike. And I would not recommend it with kids– or really any nervous adult who doesn’t like walking on a highway stretch. We were able to bypass this part because Brian new a local way through private property to arrive at the hike after the highway stretch. If I could somehow share this information with you so that you guys could skip over the highway part too, I would.
A lot of the hike looked like this.

And included me singing “the call me mellow yellow bum bum bum” Naturally.

Once you get through the dry shaded part, the path opens up to the most beautiful beach views that you could imagine. It was seriously gorgeous. Raha and I fell in love. She makes me feel tall here. I’m not. We’re both small, it’s the slope.

After climbing down the slope we arrived at the most gorgeous stretch of private beach. There’s no way to describe it…it felt like freedom. Everyone’s shoes came off and they darted to the water. Raha and I agreed we would without a doubt have to visit it again. One day.

One day.

Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Happiness.
My number one. 
By the time we made it to Sayulita, we were sweaty and hungry too. We stopped by Brian’s shop to close it up. And by close it up I mean, we sat on a bench eating paletas while he closed it up 😉

After we went to a vegetarian restaurant with carrot tingas and cactus paddles and who knows what else. We ate a lot. It was maybe the first real, big meal I ate here– all meals before that were fruit (delicious) or a half-ass pile of whatever I could figure out in the non-veg friendly restaurants. I wish I could show you a photo of the meal we ate, but I didn’t bother to photograph it– we all just sat together and enjoyed our big meal after our not so big (but wonderful) hike.

We had a great day. And a great evening. And great night too.

I hope to relive this day again one day soon.

ps. if you noticed and wondered, “but where are Raha’s shoes in the first picture?” Most people don’t wear shoes in the town of San Pancho. Yes, it is the perfect town for me 😉

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