A jellyfish! From Seed To Stem
When I think of my friends, I can feel it, I’m so incredibly lucky. My longest friendship now, has been going on for 24 years, since kindergarten. I have new friends, that I’ve met only a short few weeks ago, that will now be long time friends. And I have friends everywhere in between. I have friends here, near, far, and oceans away. It’s amazing to know that anywhere, I can call someone I care so much for, and have silly banter back and forth or meaningful catch-ups with, at any anytime. I’m a lucky girl with really amazing people in my life. One of my silliest, and most loving friendships, belongs to my long-time friend, Katie. I’ve had some of my craziest adventures with her, that still make me smile from ear to ear, or actually laugh out loud— pretty loud, when I think of them. And I was even her prom date, when my brother refused to go (I was a better date anyway— obviously). Katie has sent some of the best and most thoughtful packages to me and M. The only thing that could make them better, is if she came inside too. 
(7ish years ago.)
Thank you Katie, I’d be lost in space without you (really, maybe, cream cheese too).
PS. One of my favorites, Jennifer from Dot &Army wanted to me let you know, the shop is spring sale! $10 off all orders over $30! Coupon code: SPRING That’s huge and so very awesome! Dot &Army is THE BEST. Our house pretty much functions around these napkins (and food).


  1. that's awesome! friendships like that are meant to cherish. my bestie is from kindergarten too 😉 and we are closer than ever. so many memories.

  2. Awww! Little did I know when I was writing that card was that your birthday would actually be filled with lots of sparkles. I love you, tater!
    <3 Katie

  3. Wow you and your friend have a friendship that will last forever! Cute photo btw 😉

  4. I love the creative wrapping(a winner in my book)! You are incredibly lucky to have had such a longtime friendship with her.