Hi guys! How are you? It’s currently 9 am and I’m actually sitting here dreaming about breakfast– and considering that I started having banana (+ greens + fruit) smoothies for breakfast everyday— this is an incredibly weird thing for me to dream about. But I am. It took me 31 years, but I’m finally eating bananas (and buying 30lbs of them at a time apparently, but thats another story for another day).So anyway! A super exciting thing happened recently in South Florida! Orchard Supply Hardware starting opening up shops down here! If you’re in northern California, then you’ve probably already heard of them– but holy crap their stores are amazing (and pretty adorable too). Super fun fact: the stores actually started in San Jose— and my favorite (once) internet people, now best friends live in San Jose! Lots of good things coming out of that town 🙂

My friend Nico and I headed down to the Fort Lauderdale preview night this week. I love wandering around hardware stores— finding things I need and don’t need (but find incredibly fascinating). I bought Marlowe a purple water bottle (I had promised her a new glass one forever– finally found the purple one and bought it) and a banana plant– because I have dreams of turning our yard into a banana jungle. We already have maybe 13 banana plants?!

Signs of the seasons everywhere. I regret not getting that blue-ish one.

Also a nature + garden + food freak. ^

Orchard is a good mix of supply + garden– without being overwhelmingly big or overwhelmingly small. It’s really the perfect size. You know, just right. And while it’s big enough to contain everything, it’s small enough that you don’t have to go wandering through isles to find the service you need. There’s always someone right near by to assist you or help your tackle your home project. And they have everything there– seriously, everything. There’s even a whole isle called the “whatchamacallit” isle– with all the random goodies you could need and thought you’d never be able to find. Fort Lauderdale is bit far from us (not too far though), but Orchard plans to open up stores across all of south Florida– so I’m hoping they move in right next door. (Also hoping my friend from San Jose move in next door, but thats another story). Wont you be my neighbor? But for real, the store has a good vibe, and its obvious to see the effort they put in to fit in and help the local community. Super happy to have them over here on the east coast! 🙂 
I made a tiny franken-pumpkin for miss marlowe. I wanted to bring her but the event was a bit late for a school night outing. But they have other family events coming up in Fort Lauderdale and other locations, so I’ll def. be taking her to one of those 🙂

And then I of course left with my banana.

Thank you Orchard Supply Hardware for inviting me to your preview night. Happy to be working with you guys and excited to see your new locations opening up! We’re exciting to have you coming to town 🙂

And thank you Nico for taking a bunch of these photos too 🙂


  1. How exciting that they're in your area now! I miss "New Seasons" out in Portland…if only they would follow suite and move to Michigan! Enjoy your banana tree…can't wait to see what it adds to your lovely garden <3

  2. I can't believe you're eating bananas! I am a banana hater and I can't imagine making the switch over. Is it for nutritional reasons? Are you…liking the taste of them?? I don't know if I can do it. The peels. Ugh. The peels!