Happy Friday friends! How are you?! Still enjoying these posts I hope? I do get emails pretty frequently that you guys are still loving and using these vegan friendly meal ideas for inspiration πŸ™‚ I hope so!

I’m pretty good over here. We’ve had a good mix or rain and sun this week. So a bit of beach time and a lot of home time. It’s been good. A lot of cooking, like always. So much soup, like always. Marlowe has been in the kitchen a good bit lately. She’s been coming up with her own meals that she wants to eat. Thankfully it’s mostly really healthy stuff! If it were up to her she would eat acai bowls, sushi, miso soup, and rice and beans every single day. If it were up to me Id have acai bowls, and soup (all kinds– but preferably noodle soups) every single day. And nachos, but my body stopped tolerating nachos a looonngg time ago. But whatever, right?

Marlowe starts camp this coming Monday– I’m not sure what were going to pack for lunch though! I gotta figure it out. Probably quesadillas and sushi. But not together, cause that would be weird. Oh and she’s only going to one week of camp if you’ve stopped and asked yourself, “wait she’s starting camp at the very end of summer???!” This summer just flew by. And I promised her she would go — so here we are signing her up for the very last week of camp!

Oh so before we get into the post, tell me, what do you think of the new blog. A lot of you guys have emailed me with concern/glitches– and of course I’m doing my best to fix everything I can! But if theres anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Email, whatever, I’m here. Oh and if you signed up for the newsletter, you know you haven’t gotten any “news” yet haha. But I’m going to work on changing that this week. The first thing I want to do is start giving away cookbooks to subscribers πŸ™‚ I thought that would be a fun way to say “THANK YOU for subscribing!” It means a lot to me that you guys even come here still. And I know a lot of you guys always tell me that I’m the only blog you still read— which is such a big deal. I know blogs are dead and dying, so the fact that you come here at all means a lot– and then when you’re doing things like commenting, messaging, substring, etc, well damn– I def feel more special. Seriously. I don’t take you guys for granted at all. I’m so glad you still enjoy this place.

Do you guys get tired of me saying thank you? I feel like I say it often. But then I worry that I don’t say it enough, haha. Okay, I’ll stop rambling… on to the food! Oh one more thing! I’ve been drafting up posts like crazy. I finally have that fruit pie recipe done. I have an eco-friendly sustainably clothing /accessory post I’m doing, canada posts, and so many more! Okay now on to the food! Cheers!

Sushi everyday— well, if it were up to her. Do you guys want a sushi post? Probably not, right? Let me know if you do! I can do what we put inside, or tricks on rolling, whatever! Marlowe always gets avocado, carrots, and greens in hers.
Sometimes you just need a plate of roasted veggies. Potatoes, carrots, broccoli. We’ve been upping our broccoli intake a lot over here πŸ™‚ I hated it as a kid, but Marlowe actually enjoys it (thank god). So lots of broccoli it is. Also, I think this was a pre-dinner or post dinner snack– not just dinner— though to be honest, I’d be cool letting her eat this just for dinner.
In Massachusetts. Hummus, salad, carrots. nothing fancy. More like an appetizer snack thing, but it was photographed, so here it is!

Veggie pad thai. This was actually my bowl– but we had all the same things: brown rice noodles, carrots, cabbage, greens. I always add cilantro to mine (she doesn’t). And I had marinated sesame garlic soy tempeh— she had tofu. I freaking love tempeh so I always choose it over tofu, but I know it’s a very particular/ acquired taste. (pad Thai recipe is in the cookbook— but now I make it oil free. I still owe you guys an oil free post, yah?)
I’m not kidding. We love noodles. I mean, if it were up to Marlowe and Alex, they would have rice everyday, but for me it’s noodles 100%. I know my hispanic friend + family would shun me for this, but I could never have rice again and be okay. This is similar to the soba recipe is cookbook, but made with this sauceΒ  and buckwheat noodles.
Mmmmm yellow dalΒ (if you guys haven’t tried making it yet, it’s so easy!) okra chips (do you want a recipe? it’s stupid easy) and a red veggie curry. Side of brown rice.
That kale salad again. She’s been asking for this almost everyday this week. No sweet potato for her. Sometimes we put quinoa, but we didn’t have any made so she had just kale + raisins.
We recently started making this red coconut chickpea + green curry. It’s SO good. I need to share a recipe with you. Like alll our Indian type recipes, its crazy easy. And then we made, what we call, Indian mashed potatoes πŸ™‚ It’s like a mix between the yellow daal + Β mashed potatoes πŸ™‚
Real mashed potatoes + peas + broccoli. I’m sure you know this, but this + miso soup is my go to easy meal for Marlowe and I.

Spinach saag + quinoa. Except she did NOT want the quinoa at all– and instead asked for a second helping of saag. Which I’m of course okay with. This, ale chips, and the kale salad are the three guaranteed ways for her to eat her greens. She asked for the saag three days in a row. No complaints here.
Sushi again + carrot ginger dressing on romaine. Actually this is one of the FOUr ways I get her to eat greens. She’ll ask for this for like a week straight before she tires of it. Thinking about making a recipe for this too. Marlowe eats it with plain romaine and sometimes carrots. alex and I add a ton more things to ours πŸ™‚ Dressing is the same though.


Alright friends! I’m off to untangle my hair. Maybe have a snack (still my favorite late night, healthy snack lately). And work on some more posts for you guys. Hooray and cheers friends!


  1. Awesome post! I’m glad I caught it on facebook. It’s been a while since I read your blog. I think Marlowe changed a lot !! She’s got much darker hair now. She’s all grown up. I was wondering if you found a cure to your stomach pain but I guess I’ll read more posts to get my answer!
    So many different recipes!! vegan is not boring! I’m still very new at it and it’s not easy to be one in rural France…
    Of course, I’m subscribing.
    Yes to sushi recipes and oil free recipes pleeeease :))) Thank you!
    Marlowe: enjoy your camp week! (I hope we’ll know how it went)

  2. Hi Drea!

    I love these posts. They are so inspirational! As you know, I write a food/lifestyle/mom blog in Hungarian and when I started my “How To Feed A Vegan Kid” photo posts (http://www.zizikalandjai.com/tag/mit-eszik-a-vegagyerek) you were (and still are) my inspiration to keep doing it! πŸ™‚

    I’m wondering if you cook your own chickpeas or any beans… do you do it from scratch or you use canned ones? I’d love to do it from scratch but next to 2 young boys (4 year old Adam and 1.5 year old Akos) I don’t have time to cook the legumes from scratch. One exception, I cook lentils (red, brown, green, etc.) from scratch but not the beans or chickpeas. As the kids get older hopefully I’ll have more time to plan ahead and I can soak my legumes and cook them from scratch!

    One more question about your blog: what is your Instagram widget you use to sample your Instagram photos on the right side of your blog?


  3. Victoria

    Yes I want all the posts you mentioned here (mostly recipes!): the carrot ginger dressing, the fruit pie, sushi… But also eco-friendly sustainable clothing and travels πŸ™‚ And thank you for blogging!

  4. YES! to a sushi post as well as an okra chip recipe! We have okra growing out the wazoo here in our backyard. Besides throwing it in scrambled tofu (which my kids LOVE) with other chopped veggies I don’t know what to do with it much. Also, that red coconut chickpea + green curry sound incredible. We LOVE Indian food. Can’t get enough of it. Keep the What Marlowe Eats posts coming, I get such great ideas for feeding my own little ones!

  5. Laurali Star

    I would absolutely love a sushi post! I also love okra, so the okra chips recipe, plus cooking oil-free would be something to look forward to. I think I asked you this recently, but I want to know how to cook my vegan foods low-fat. I don’t know how to do that, so I’m guessing that’s a trick you’re working on. Love all the choices this time around. Very inspiring!

    ~Laurali Star

  6. I would love a sushi post! All of your curry/Indian food recipes look so good but I can’t eat nightshades :/

    Also, I’m so glad you still blog. I miss the old style bloggers, it’s hard to find anymore. So thank you!

    • Andrea

      So late to this— but I was wondering, all nightshade? What are your symptoms? Can you eat goji? #randomquestions

  7. Yay I got my first “Newsletter” I love it! Thank you fun to read.


  8. Yum! I got a digi version of your cookbook finally, and so excited to try heaps of the recipes when I get back to Aus!

    New website looks great, but the one annoying thing is not being able to read posts in bloglovin, it only shows the first few sentences, I’ve skipped a heap of posts lately, with slow Internet its a hassle to load it in a browser! It’d be ace if you could put it back to being able to read the whole post in a reader

    • Andrea

      Hi love! A bit late here, but thanks so much! I hope you love the book! Did you update bloglovin; to ohdeardreablog.com instead of ohdeardrea.blogspot.com? That might help! There’s also the reader option on the right hand side that might help πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!!!

  9. Sushi post would be awesome! We’ve never made it at home before but I would like to try. We went to a place the other day that put cooked sweet potato in their sushi and it was yummy! Also, ginger dressing recipe would be very nice! Thank you πŸ˜€

  10. Victoria

    WOOT! for broccoli – for def in my top five vegetables… I super enjoy the What Marlowe Eats post – I don’t have a child; I just like being nosey and making some of the things (mostly the spicy morsels) for myself. I would love to know the trick/s to rolling sushi that holds together πŸ˜‰