Hi friends! I have a video for you guys today! Exciting and scary! I promised you guys a what we eat in a day video– and now it’s finally here!  I actually filmed this almost 6 months ago and it’s taken me this long to actually put the thing together!! I know I say it every time, but I’m just not a big fan of putting together videos. I LOVE editing photos, but film? Not so much.

But I’ve put the ego aside and hit publish on this video thing.

So let’s go through this video together. The most important thing I want to note is my grease ball hair. Alex and I were going to a concert that night– RARE– it like never happens. And there was no way I was going to wash my hair before going into a concert space. WHAT IS THE POINT. So I didn’t. Sorry its gross.

Another things to note: we all know im awkward as hell– but I think it’s easier for you guys to fully understand that through this 🙂

Anotherrr thing– which is probably obvious, but this wasn’t filmed in our house. This was filmed between the time we were in Nepal and in Mexico. We stayed at my mother’s apartment for three weeks while our house was rented (thanks mom!). Her place is sparkly white.

“The oranges ran out of season” — If you caught that one too– well, it totally makes. You know, in a backwards way.

Also yes, this video ended super abruptly. I planned to come back and record some thoughts and words the next day– but it just never happened. And if we wait around for me to record some last thoughts for the video, well, you guys will have to wait another 6 months to see any sort of video, haha. So let’s just end the video with a small and call it a day 😉


As for food/meals/what we eat in a day— this is pretty standard for us. Though sometimes we skip salads for lunch. Depends on our mood. But always fruit + acai, smoothies, and some sort of cooked dinner. Raw dinners are rare. I LOVE eating all fruit all day, but once dinner hits I’m typically mouth-watering for noodles of some sort. Typically our dinner is whatever you see on “what Marlowe eats” — sometimes I might have a slight variation, but that’s usually what we’re all eating for dinner.

We’re not super complicated over here. I know it seems like a crazy or far-fetched idea to eat mostly raw all day until dinner– but when you’re sticking primarily to fruit it’s INCREDIBLY easy. I highly recommend you give it a go. Well, actually, I only recommend you eat loads of fruit if you keep your overall fat intake low. Otherwise you’ll give yourself blood sugar issues. But yeah, we keep our fats down and our carbs high. It’s great.

what we eat in a day:
  • This video reminded me that I was drinking even more water in the morning. Lately it’s been a smaller glass– so I’m going to upgrade to the giant jar again.
  • In this video I said I usually have celery juice– which I was then, but lately I’ve done green juice mostly.
  • I’ve already discussed juicers here, but I definitely recommend this one. It’s so easy to use, and better yet: easy to clean. I liked my earlier juicer too, but this one is better.
  • Breakfast: acai bowls forever.
  • Lunch: kale salad. We also use this recipe to make a healthier coleslaw now too. My salad was one I was making super often, but haven’t recently. I should make it again after my trip and share the recipe here. So simple so good. It’s like a green + seaweed salad recipe. So good.
  • For dinner, I’ve shared this noodle recipe/photo on what Marlowe eats time and time again. We loved it and its so so easy. It’s basically an even more simplified version of the pad-thai in the plantiful table. I’ve debated putting together my new and improved version here for the blog. I mean, taking a really simple recipe and making even more simple? Who doesn’t want that, ya know? 🙂

Alright friends! Well, I hope you enjoyed my awkward self and this award-winning high quality film. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂 Hoping to start creating recipes when we settle back home after these up coming trips 🙂 Right now we’re away two weeks, home two weeks, then away again. So if not in the next few weeks, then in a month for sure 🙂

Cheers friends!


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  1. Laurali Star

    I loved hearing your voice, haha. Everything you made (or Alex) looks yummy! This is going to sound weird, but the spirulina pineapple juice was my favorite. I’d really like to try that one. Where do you get your spirulina? I’m wondering because I’ve never tried it in my juices or smoothies at home. Great video! Marlowe is a cutie pie 🙂

    ~Laurali Star