How are you, friends? Marlowe is back home— and right in her favorite spot– on her bed with a book in hand. I’m not surprised. While she’s certainly growing each day, it’s not like four days away would change her unstoppable undeniable love for books. And you know, it’s 8:20 at night– I’m not offended that she’d rather have her face in a book than be spending this time with me. Marlowe is a true introvert– I know she needs the time to decompress. Besides, we spent most of the day coloring, learning, and organizing together (yes, she loves organizing too– but if you watched our recent video, then you probably guessed that about her). Now is the time to relax quietly.

And tomorrow? Well, it’s another big day. We sign off on the house tomorrow. But that’s another topic for another day (probably tomorrow if we’re being honest). For now, I wanted to share memories and photos from our time in Mexico last March. I mentioned this already, but we were all pleasantly surprised by Mexico City. I never imagined I would like it the way I did. The way we did. We stayed in an airbnb in the Condessa neighborhood and made our way to different parts of the city each day.

If you noticed the little pack of tissues— the dust and air of the city did get to us. And the elevation got to me. But as a whole, we loved our trip. Again, we were sad to leave San Pancho, but Mexico City was a good transition home. I worry that it would have been too hard to leave San Pancho and return to the states. We needed a middle ground– a place where people wear shoes and didn’t spend half their day at the beach 😉


For whatever reason, Marlowe has had a big love with Frida. I mean, so many people do. Frida’s house has been on her travel list to visit for a while. And of course, Raha and I were happy to make this happen– we’re both in love with art (and especially her art) just like Marlowe.

We heard great things about the Coyoacan neighborhood, but I’m not sure we would have put it on our list without a Frida house stop. We took an uber to a little food hall type place– there was one vegan restaurant open and we stopped in to eat a bit before making our way to the museum. The food was mediocre at best, but our biggest complaint wasn’t the food, but rather that we were freezing while eating. I enjoy traveling with Raha, because like Marlowe and myself– she runs cold too. Each morning the three of us would leave the house in layers until the midday sun could warm us up. We all ordered warm drinks of course.

Afterward, we were happy to step out of the restaurant and take the walk to Frida’s house. The line wrapped around the building. So if I can give you one tip– it’s to reserve your tickets early. There is still a line, even with a ticket reservation, but it’s not as bad. And we planned to visit earlier in the day which proved to be a plus– because the number of people there when we arrived vs. when we were leaving was drastic. Earlier proved better. At least on the day, we went anyway.

Frida’s house was beautiful. I took a few pictures here and there. But mostly, I kept my camera down while inside to enjoy the art and all the tiny details of the space. But once our in the garden I really enjoyed taking little vignette shots of all the simple, but beautiful corners.

Even Marlowe was happy taking photos in the beautiful space. Marlowe and I spent a good hour in the garden while Raha spent it inside. While the inside was beautiful, I much preferred the less crowded and sunny outdoor space.

But one of the best parts might have been that… while we were leaving the house Marlowe turns to me and says, “I really want mangoes” we stepped outside to find a mango vendor right in front of us.

The hard part about that was that I typically bring a large water bottle and then a small, wider mouth one while traveling for things like tea, smoothies, fruit, leftovers, or whatever else. This day I did not. And then I have to live inside my head for the rest of the day asking if I made the right choice in buying an item which I would require plastic. It’s tough– being someone in this world who really gives a crap, but also someone who has to be realistic about food choices (and limitations) out in the world. We went back to the same mango vendor at least three times to refill this cup– making it feel slightly better than it originally felt. But still, we went for the plastic. (I still feel bad about it.)

After the museum/Fridas home (whatever you want to call it), we went to the Coyoacan Market. This was not originally on my visit list– but only because I hadn’t heard about it. But one of you guys suggested it while I was there– and I’m grateful you did. It was a fun market for sure. You could find loads of handicrafts on one side– while the other side was kept fairly traditional with food stalls and produce. Oh, and pinatas too of course.

I blended in quite well. Sort of.

After the market we walked more into the center square area– I’m not sure the name. There was another market here– but it was more of a tourist flea market– mostly imported things I’m sure. We wandered it anyway and then made our way to a bench to watercolor. Well, to be honest, I hardly watercolored. Marlowe and Raha did every day though. While I enjoy it, they loved it, so I let them have at it while I just enjoyed people-watching in the sun.

It was good to have days that are both filled with activities, but also slow-paced too. If anything, I feel like that’s the best way to describe Mexico City as a whole. Given the fact that its a huge, major city, you’ll never get bored there– but you can wander slowly and never feel the hustle and bustle too. If you had asked me years ago I would have been so certain that I would LOVE Merida and hate Mexico City, but if anything the last year and a half of visiting both places has shown me how wrong I was to ever assume anything. Now? I don’t think I’d waste my energy to visit Merida again unless in the area. And Mexico City? Well, I can’t wait to go back one day.

I’m limiting flights these days (you guys know this), so I’m not sure when it will happen. But I’m thinking our next big family trip could be a flight into the city and taking the bus here and there to all the other towns I want to visit. We’ll see.


  1. Wow, I agree with Marlowe on the Frida Kahlo house. It’s really bright, colorful, and unique. I think it’s nice that you’re doing less air travel. I hate flying too, but weirdly, my fears lie in al the in-between times. I hate airports and the thought of missing a flight or finding the right seat. Not fun to me. It is better for the environment and hey, we can always improve. It’s interesting to hear someone else’s perspective on flying and travel.

    ~Laurali Star

  2. Are you limiting flights because of the radiation?

    • three reasons actually.

      so first because i have a tremendous fear of flying (there are a ton of posts on that if you search fear of flying in my side bar). and it’s not getting easier. sometimes it’s okay. sometimes it’s really not. so my mental health is rather not get on planes are frequently.

      second because of radiation. the fear def affects my physical health, but so does the radiation. i feel extra *buzzy* and weird after long flights. short ones not so much, but every bit adds up. so yeah, i’d prefer to get on them less for that too.

      third for environmental reasons. i make all this actions and decisions to try to protect the planet— but planes create a huge global impact too. and i’d rather not add to that if i don’t have to.