Maybe you’ve noticed we love tropical fruit farms and fruit trees? Our little tropical backyard is growing and we’re all ready (especially that marlowe) for some more fruit to grow. So far (for tropical fruits) we’ve got mangoes, miracle fruit, dragon fruit, passion fruit, granadilla, and an assortment of citrus. We’re ready-ready! It’s funny, because I’ve never been a big fruit lover (other than strawberries and mangoes), but just like anything else, the more you eat it, the more you want it.

2009 / 2008

Alex and I have had that fruit finding (and tasting) itch together since long before Marlowe popped into the picture. We had memberships to gardens and explored farms often. It’s nice after all these years (apart and together) to have that passion unchanged. We still are… well, nerds of tropical fruit. 
My sister in law mentioned a documentary she was watching and how we might like it. When she mentioned homestead, FL and a mango auction and I was like “HEY! We were there!!” and excitedly found the documentary for Alex and I to watch. We spent a night without Marlowe watching the documentary and the morning looking up more interesting fruit….and if you checked out the rest of the day…. buying more trees!

I laugh when I see some of the older couples, in movies and at the farms we visit—- they’re so in love with exploring fruit together and part of all the rare and tropical fruit associations. I laugh because, well, I know it’s going to be us one day… retired, traveling for food (hopefully, thats the dream anyway), and tickling our passionfruit plants to pollinate them. Nerds, I tell you.

from the backyard tree of my tiny old home. big tree/ tiny home.

And these last two images are from the mango festival we visited last year with the mango auction! (marlowe’s dress)
It’s probably the sweetest thing in the world to hear your three year old ask if the passionfruit are ready to eat or if she can pick a miracle fruit to have with a lime. Magical, really. 
Well, if you’re stuck in the rain or snow this weekend… and you’re into documentaries and/or nerdy farm/tree/plant things, you might enjoy renting/watching/buying/making fun of The Fruit Hunters. We liked it (a lot). They have it book form too and it’s on Netflix! Also, if this sounds review-y like, it’s totally not. Just another thing I geek out about, I thought you might like, and I wanted to share 😉 Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. I'm watching this now and enjoying it already. I know my friend Roberta will too. Thanks for the reccomendation! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Just watch The Fruit Hunters on Netflix from your recommendation… it really made me miss all the delicious, fresh fruit i could get growing up in Cambodia (lived there for middle and high school). I am extremely picky about the kind of mangoes i like to eat due to the fact that I know what a truly fresh mango tastes like. i also have a preference for the firm-fleshed, slightly un-ripe mangoes – which you can't have unless you have a mango tree. 🙁 And I now live in Chicago, where all mangoes are imported. i'm jealous you have a dragonfruit tree! That is one of my favorite tropical fruits! So delicious.

  3. Coming out of reading only to comment that I watched this documentary just the other night and was so fascinated! My boys were watching parts of it and are begging us to grow a garden and plant some fruit trees. Yours is inspiring and maybe just maybe we will finally do it this year.

  4. How exciting! I seriously wish that I could plant some fruit trees in my rental property. Birds planted a Mulberry bush and an orange tree, which was about as much as I could get away with.

    Jess | Malt Memories.

  5. I love dragon fruits and other fruits you don't normally see in your local grocery market. I wish we had space to grow our own fruits like that here. Can't wait to see more photos and updates from you! 🙂

  6. Delicious. I do envy you your tropical fruit. I grow fruit here in England, but it's not quite the same. Still divine, but very different. I love the idea of beautiful green leafy trees all year round. I shall look forward to seeing your tropical garden developing.

  7. Love love love fruit. My favorite food ever. I started trying new exotic fruits and veggies and it's pretty fun so far. That google image search you are doing really freaked me out, though. Haha. I think it says African Cucumber? Well either way, I have trypophobia and whoah that is grrooossssss to me. Thanks for that so I know to NEVER EVER buy that!